Electronic Drum Kit For Kids: Best Choice

electronic drum set for children

Electronic drum set for children

Nowadays children mainly entertain themselves with screens, but an electronic drum set for children is much more fun than a television or tablet!

When listening to music, several areas in the brain are stimulated, but when learning to play an instrument, these are even more.

An electronic drum set is ideal kids who want to learn to play drums. It is much quieter than an acoustic drum set, plus it is cheaper. In addition, many electronic drum kits are easy to fold or move, so they don't get in the way. For an affordable amount you can purchase a nice electronic drum set for children that they will enjoy for a long time.

Choosing an electronic drum set for children is not easy, that is why I'm happy to help you so that you can make the perfect choice. Of course, the products below can also be used for adults.

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Millenium HD-120 E-Drum Set

This Millenium HD-120 is an ideal drum kit to start your drumming career. The compact dimensions and short distances make this an ideal electronic drum set for children, but also for students who are starting to play drums. For this price you can't really expect professional quality from the top class, but as an entry-level model this drum kit is fine.

The built-in metronome helps improve your skills and you can easily connect your smartphone or tablet via the aux input. This set includes drum stool, sticks, stick holder and headphones, so you're ready to play!

Millenium Rookie E-Drum Set

The Millenium Rookie electronic drum set is suitable for children from 3 years and has a compact and lightweight design. This makes the set easy to set up and store, making it perfect for home use and small spaces.

The set has 7 pads, including a dual-zone snare pad and three cymbal pads, with which you can create different sounds and effects. The module also offers the ability to switch between different drum kits and sounds, allowing you to adapt your playing style to different musical genres.

To ensure stability while playing, the Millenium Rookie comes with a sturdy frame and pedals. The set also has a headphone connection, so you can practice without disturbing others. The youngest drummers will have hours of fun with this kit!

Alesis Turbo Mesh Kit

This electronic drum kit from Alesis, the Turbo Mesh Kit, is an entry-level model with mesh head drum pads. Mesh heads are quieter for the environment and make drumming feel even more realistic. This way you experience the pleasure of an acoustic drum kit with the conveniences of an electronic one.

The module has a coaching function programmed with 5 programs and a metronome that help you improve your sense of rhythm and patterns. Even playing along with your own favorite tracks is a breeze thanks to the aux input to which you can connect a smartphone or tablet, for example.

Millennium MD-90

The Millenium MD-90 Mobile Drum is a very easy to carry or move drum set. All you need is a (side) table and a chair, because all you have to do with this kit is connect it to the power and you are ready to play! Are you done with it? Then you can easily put it away again thanks to the compact size.

With 45 pre-programmed user kits you won't get bored easily and the different samples provide a surprising effect. However, this will not be enough for those looking for an electronic drum kit for children with a more realistic drum feel. Still, the Millenium MD-90 is a nice instrument to make an impression with.

Aerodrums Air Percussion Set

The Aerodrums Air Percussion Set is an invention in itself. The included camera records the movement of the sticks and pedals, allowing you to literally play drums without a drum kit. Moreover, this is the quietest and easiest way to play along with your favorite music. Even in the middle of the night, no one will bother you!

Aerodrums is a virtual drum solution that records your movements and converts them into realistic drum sounds. Perfect for those who don't feel like carrying heavy drum kits or who don't want to produce loud sounds for those around them. Air drumming has never been so realistic! Take a look at this video to see how it works!

Did you know that there are acoustic drum sets for children from 3 years old? Read more about it here.

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