Roland TD-02K V-Drums Kit

Very affordable entry-level model from top brand Roland

Maintain your timing with the built-in metronome

Connect to your computer via MIDI

Optimized pedals ensure limited noise pollution

Possibility for Bluetooth with the Boss BT Dual

❌ Rubber toms cause slightly more noise pollution

  • Drum kits: 16


Roland TD-02K

The Roland TD-02K is the most affordable electronic drum kit from perhaps the best brand among electronic drums: Roland.

This compact and affordable drum kit offers everything you need to improve your drumming skills and have fun while playing.

Quality drum kit for beginners

The TD-02 series offers an affordable electronic drumming experience for aspiring drummers. These compact drum kits are based on years of V-Drums innovation and offer much more than just good sounds.

The Roland TD-02K cymbals move naturally when struck and can be muted by gripping the rim, just like acoustic cymbals.


The TD-02 series stands are a step up from typical budget electronic drums. They provide a solid, stable foundation for years of intensive drumming.

The TD-02K also offers Bluetooth connectivity for mobile devices, allowing you to connect to music apps and software to improve your drumming skills. Here you only have the Boss BT Dual necessary for.

Differences Roland TD-02K and Roland TD-02KV

The differences between the TD-02K and TD-02KV are simple:

The Roland TD-02KV has a mesh head snare pad, which creates less noise for the environment and plays more realistically.

Do you prefer mesh head toms and playing with a kick pedal? Then check out the Roland TD-07DMK.

Roland TD-02KRoland TD-02K V-Drums Kit