Roland TD-17KVX2 E-Drum Set

 High-quality electronic drum kit suitable for advanced drummers

 Coaching function with Time Check and Quiet Count

 Compact and stylish design

 Extensive TD-17 drum module with Bluetooth

 Unprecedentedly realistic playing feeling due to cymbals with a thinner profile

❌ Excluding hi-hat stand

  • Sounds: 336
  • Preset kits: 70
  • User kits: 50


Roland TD-17KVX2

If you're looking for an electronic drum kit that will take your technique to the next level, the TD-17KVX2 from Roland the perfect instrument for you.

Renewed TD-17 module

The TD-17KVX2 has a new TD-17 drum module, 12″ mesh-head snare and newly developed thin cymbals. This provides a drumming experience that is very close to playing acoustic drums.

The nice thing about the PDX-12 snare drum is that it has a larger hitting surface than most electronic drum kits.

With the updated TD-17 sound module and new pads, the TD-17KVX2 offers many possibilities. You can choose from 70 premium preset drum kits, including 20 new kits with custom samples.

Natural feeling VH-10 hi-hat

An important feature of the TD-17KVX2 is the 12-inch VH-10 floating hi-hat that can be mounted on an acoustic stand. This hi-hat offers natural movement and accurate open/close detection.

Time Check and Quiet Count

With the Roland TD-17KVX2 you can further develop your technique and expression using the built-in coaching functions.

Furthermore, the TD-17KVX2 offers a warm-up menu with a daily practice routine to help you get better and you can improve your sense of timing with Time Check and Quiet Count in Coach Mode.

In short, the Roland TD-17KVX2 is an electronic drum kit that is suitable for everyone. Beginners can further develop their skills, but advanced and professionals will enjoy a premium drum set.

roland td-17kvx2

Differences Roland TD-17KV2 and TD-17KVX2

Both kits from the TD-17 series contain the same drum module. There are also a number of differences:

Kick Cymbals Hi-hat
TD-27KV2 KD-10 10”, 12”, 14” Controller
TD-27KVX2 KD-10 10”, 12”, 12”, 14 Pedal

👉 The Roland TD-17KV2 comes with a silent hi-hat controller (Roland FD-9).

👉 The Roland TD-17KVX2 you play with a separate hi-hat stand, which feels more realistic. In addition, the kit has an extra CY-12C-T crash cymbal of 12″.

Roland TD-17KVX2 E-Drum SetRoland TD-17KVX2 E-Drum Set