Alesis Nitro Max VS Roland TD-07DMK

If you are looking for an electronic drum kit for beginners or semi-experienced drummers, you have the brands Alesis and Roland I'm sure you've seen it pass by. Both brands offer high-quality electronic drums for drummers of different levels.

In this comparison we explain the Alesis Nitro Max and the Roland TD-07DMK next to each other and help you make the best choice.

Alesis Nitro Max

The Alesis Nitro Max is an electronic drum kit for beginners that has quickly gained a lot of popularity. This kit is known for its excellent value for money and user-friendly module.

The Nitro Max has a real kick drum pedal, which means that the pedal kicks directly against the pad, similar to an acoustic drum kit. However, the hi-hat pedal is triggered with a trigger pedal.

All cymbals are 10" in size and are single-zone, meaning that no matter where you hit the cymbal, you always get the same sound. The cymbals also have a choke function, so you can mute them by gripping them.

Thanks to mesh heads on the toms and snare, hitting the pads feels more realistic and also produces less noise pollution. The snare has a diameter of 10", which I personally experienced as a big plus while playing this kit.

With the Alesis Nitro Max you get a module with 440 drum sounds. There are 32 preset kits, but you can also create 16 of your own kits. In addition, the module is equipped with integrated Bluetooth, so you can easily play along with your favorite music.

According to Alesis The kit takes up little space, namely 55 cm x 95 cm.

At the time of writing, the price of the Alesis Nitro Max is around 400 euros.

Roland TD-07DMK

The Roland TD-07DMK, the next serious option after the TD-02KV, is an electronic drum kit for novice and experienced drummers.

What is immediately noticeable about the TD-07DMK is the bass drum that is mounted on the rack. To be honest, I had my doubts about this and it didn't seem fun to play. I expected that this would cause the rack to slide backwards while drumming, but that turned out not to be so bad when I tried out the kit at Bax Music.

The CY-5 cymbals of the Roland TD-07DMK are all 10″ and have a choke function, so these cymbals are also muted when picked up.

Like the Alesis Nitro Max, this kit features full... mesh heads. The size is also the same, namely a 10″ snare drum and PDX-6 8" toms.

The Roland TD-07DMK has a simple but powerful drum module that does not contain complicated functions. There are 143 sounds included, 25 preset kits and 25 user kits. In addition, there is Bluetooth integrated so you can easily play along with your favorite music.

The kit takes up more space than the Alesis Nitro Max, namely 120 x 80 cm. The price of the kit is around 750 euros.


Let's put both kits side by side and see what the biggest differences are.

Alesis Nitro MaxRoland TD-07DMK
Mesh headsYesYes
Snare pad10″8″
Kick pedalYesYes
Drum kits3225
Recording functionYesNo
Required surface area55 x 95 cm120 x 80 cm


Or you choose the Alesis Nitro Max or the Roland TD-07DMK depends on a number of factors: budget, space required, the number of sounds you want and what you will use the kit for.

If you are a novice drummer and you do not expect to assemble and disassemble the kit often, then the Alesis Nitro Max is the best choice. The kit is suitable for beginners, is of good quality and is attractively priced. The kit also fits well in smaller spaces.

Roland wins in terms of strength, durability and stability. Kits from Roland feel sturdier and are more than good in terms of quality. If you already have drumming experience and want to use the kit for performances, the TD-07DMK is a better choice. However, you do sacrifice the size of pads and a number of sounds.

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