Donner Backbeat E-Drum Set

 Donner's flagship with 10″ snare

 Light Control Pads

 Backbeat app: Drumming in a revolutionary way!

 Cables are uniquely concealed internally

 7″ Touch Screen Workflow Module


Donner Backbeat

The Donner Backbeat is a unique appearance in the electronic drums market. As the world's first electronic drum kit, this kit offers the option to light up the toms in different colors.

The LED-lit Donner Backbeat is an electronic drum kit that comes in the standard setup of a drum kit: a snare, three toms, two cymbals and a hi-hat.

It is striking that both the snare and floor tom have a size of 10", which improves the playing feeling and feels extra realistic.

Neatly concealed cables

The Donner Backbeat has something that many other brands can learn from, namely an innovative internal cable system. This means that all cables from the pads to the module are routed through the tubes of the rack.

Thanks to the invisibility of the cables, the kit looks much sleeker and more designer. In addition, cables do not get in the way when moving or adjusting the kit.

Light Control Pads

That Donner The amount of thought that has been put into design when developing the Backbeat is certainly noticeable. As the world's first electronic drum kit, the toms can light up in different colors.

Lifting the toms can also be used to learn to play drums: with the exclusive Backbeat App you can work on your drumming skills through a game, similar to games like Guitar Hero. How cool is that?!

7″ Touch Screen module

The Donner Backbeat module, which is comparable to an iPad, has a beautiful interface and takes the level of drum modules to a higher level.

The module contains a large round slider that allows you to easily navigate between the different kits. You can also tune each instrument separately to create the perfect sound per part.

Suitable for the professional drummer

The Donner Backbeat is a very suitable solution for the advanced drummer. Unfortunately, unlike the Donner Backbeat Donner DED-500 PRO, not about a separate hi-hat pedal.

All in all, the Donner Backbeat is a revolutionary electronic drum kit that has the latest features and possibilities. Looking at the specifications, the kit is also attractively priced.

Donner BackbeatDonner Backbeat E-Drum Set