Top 5 Electronic Drum Kits (Up to 500 Euro) | 2024

Many people think that electronic drum kits are as expensive or at least as expensive as acoustic kits, but the opposite is true. For less than 500 euros you can find a high-quality electronic kit that you as a novice drummer can practice with for hours, learn to play drums or play along to your favorite music.

In this blog you will find a Top 5 of electronic drum sets for beginners under 500 euros.

1. Alesis Nitro Max Kit8.5

1. Alesis Nitro Max KitBest value for money

  • Latest kit from Alesis
  • 10" snare pad
  • Bluetooth
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2.Roland TD-02KV8.3

2.Roland TD-02KVBest brand

  • Mesh head snare
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Powerful Roland Module
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3. Millennium MPS-4507.5

3. Millennium MPS-450

  • Kick pedal
  • Mesh heads
  • Expandable with Expansion Pack
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4. Fame DD-Lite Pro7.2

4. Fame DD-Lite ProLowest price

  • Space saving
  • Affordable
  • Includes stick holder
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5. Yamaha DTX402KRL7.0

5. Yamaha DTX402KRL

  • Rubber pads
  • KU100 Silent Kick Pedals
  • Reliable brand
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The overview above is a Top 5 of electronic drum kits for beginners with the best value for money. The specifications, price, quality of the brand and price were taken into account.

When giving the grade, the price of the drum kit was taken into account. Naturally, kits over 500 euros generally also offer more quality and features.

Below you can read more information about the Top 5 electronic drum sets for beginners under 500 euros. Click on “view price” to go directly to the webshop where the best price is offered.


  • Bluetooth
  • Brand new 10-inch Dual-Zone snare pad
  • Built-in holder for smartphones/tablets
  • Professional drum sounds from BFD


  • No drum throne included in the package
  • Rack may wobble slightly, especially near the snare
  • Single-zone cymbals, so no “bell” sound on the ride

At number 1 is the Alesis Nitro Max Kit. This is also one of the newer kits on the list. The Alesis Nitro Max actually has it all: Mesh heads, Bluetooth, a real kick pedal and a 10″ snare. The kit can also be expanded with one Expansion Pack, allowing you to upgrade the kit with an additional tom and cymbal.

The Alesis Nitro Max has quickly gained popularity around the world, with the reason being that it is a high-quality electronic drum kit for a good price.

Tip: By mounting the snare drum of your Alesis Nitro Max on a separate snare stand, your kit will feel extra sturdy and will wobble less while playing.

  • Best brand
    roland td-02kv

    2.Roland TD-02KV

    Mesh head snare
    Sturdy and durable
    Powerful Roland module


  • Mesh head snare pad
  • Reliable and quality brand
  • Bluetooth possible with BT Boss Adapter
  • Optimized pedals for less noise


  • Toms are made of rubber
  • It is not possible to create your own kits

At number 2 is the Roland TD-02KV. This is an upgrade from the Roland TD-02K, which is available for a slightly lower price but comes with a rubber snare pad. This produces a little more noise, which is why the investment in the Roland TD-02KV is certainly worthwhile.

The Roland TD-02KV is a basic electronic drum kit without too many extras. Roland is known for quality and is partnered with Yamaha one of the A-brands among musical instruments. When you buy a Roland, you know that your instrument will last a long time and can take a beating.

This kit contains 16 drum kits (cannot be put together yourself), an integrated metronome, 5 coaching functions and the option to connect your smartphone via Bluetooth using the Boss BT Dual Adapter.


  • Mesh heads
  • Expandable with Expansion Pack
  • Real kick pedal
  • 408 sounds and 10 User Kits


  • Single zone cymbals
  • Hi-hat detection is not always accurate

Anyone looking for an electronic drum set for beginners will come to the brand Millenium. This Thomann house brand supplies electronic drum sets for novice and advanced drummers, with the Millenium MPS-450 aimed at the novice drummer.

For a relatively low price you receive an electronic drum kit with mesh heads, kick pedal, good sound module and the option to expand the kit with an extra crash and/or cymbal.

Do you want to add extra cymbals and/or toms to the kit? This can easily be done with the affordable price Expansion Pack.


  • Space saving
  • Real kick pedal
  • Attractive price


  • Tom pads are small (6″)
  • Manual not very clear

Fame provides proof that a good electronic drum kit does not have to be expensive. For less than 300 euros, the Fame DD-Lite Pro gives you an electronic drum kit that has the basic functions of an electronic kit, such as metronome, 144 sounds and an AUX input.

Unlike other kits in this price range, the kit also includes a real kick pedal. This plays more realistically and also gives you the opportunity double bass pedal to connect.

Thanks to the AUX input, you can connect your smartphone or tablet and play along with your favorite music via Spotify or YouTube.


  • Reliable and good brand
  • Real kick pedal
  • Snare upgrade possible


  • Bass drum trigger pad
  • No mesh heads
  • It is not possible to create your own kits

Yamaha is a brand that has been around for a long time in the music world and is partnered with Roland one of the best electronic drum producers. With the Yamaha DTX402KRL you get a kit that is perfect to start playing drums.

The disadvantage of this electronic drum kit is that you cannot put together your own kits and that drum pads are made of rubber. The kit also does not include a kick pedal, although you can purchase it separately or receive it in its entirety Yamaha DTX432K. Fortunately, the snare can also be upgraded.

The advantage of the Yamaha DTX402KRL is that you get a drum set of which you can be sure that the quality is good. In addition, the pedals are extra quiet for the environment.

Hopefully, with this Top 5 we have been able to help you choose the right electronic drum kit. Also read tips when buying an electronic drum set so that you are well prepared for your purchase.

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