Fame DD-One XT Digital Drum Kit Simon Phillips Edition

Extensive set-up with 3 cymbals and 4 toms

 Realistic playing feeling thanks to real hi-hat and kick pedal

 Large surface toms and snare (12″ and 10″)

Extra sturdy chrome-plated rack

✓ Exclusive samples recorded by Simon Philips (Toto, The Who)

  • Sounds: 116
  • Preset kits: 8
  • User kits: 70


Fame DD-One XT Digital Drum Kit Simon Philips Edition

This modern electronic drum kit from Fame is a sleek kit with plenty of opportunities to develop yourself as a drummer.

The kit immediately catches the eye thanks to the professional chrome rack and black finish. This gives the drum kit a professional look.

Ex-Toto drummer Simon Phillips is considered one of the most famous and best drummers in the world.

The different drum sounds consist of approximately 1100 individual samples, all created by Simon himself.

3 cymbals, 4 toms

Kits in this price category are not often supplied with 3 cymbals and 4 toms. Additionally, this kit includes a real hi-hat pedal and a kick pedal, unlike similarly priced kits.

The Fame DD-One XT is an electronic drum kit that is suitable for every level. The kit can be used to practice silently, but also to take (online) drum lessons or make recordings.

Pads with large hitting surface

With a 12" snare pad you have sufficient playing surface and thanks to the two zones, the kit also responds to touches on the edge.

The cymbals have a playing surface of 12″ and the ride even has 3 zones, so that a different sound is heard in different places on the pad, such as on the bell.

The Fame DD-One XT comes with a kick pedal, but you can also use your own (double bass) pedal.

Extensive and versatile drum module

The module that comes with the kit contains more than 550 different sounds, from electronic sounds to rock kits, and from oriental to classical.

The module is equipped with sliders so that you can control each instrument individually and adjust it to your own taste.

Differences Standard Edition and Simon Philips Edition

The Fame DD-One XT is available in two editions: Standard Edition and Simon Philips Edition.

Both kits contain the same toms, cymbals, hi-hat stand, kick pedal and module. The Simon Philips Edition has fewer sounds, but they sound more professional. Moreover, it contains a more professional and sturdy rack.

Sounds Rack
Fame DD-One XT Standard 554 Standard
Fame DD-One XT Simon Philips 116 Professional Chrome


Fame DD-One XTFame DD-One XT Digital Drum Kit Simon Phillips Edition