Millenium Rookie E-Drum Set

 Brand new entry-level model from Millenium

 Suitable for children from 3 years

 Space-saving (100 x 50 cm) so ideal for the bedroom

 AUX connection: play along with your favorite music immediately!

Learn to play drums quickly

❌ It is not possible to put together your own kits

  • Sounds: 68
  • Preset kits: 12
  • Songs: 10


Millenium Rookie

Making music is fun, but let's be honest: drumming is the most fun instrument!

In addition to training musical skills, drumming is good for developing coordination and motor skills, and what could be more fun than having your own drum kit at home?

Electronic drum set for children

The Millenium Rookie is the ideal electronic drum kit to start your drumming career! This kit offers everything you need as a young drummer. Thanks to practicing with headphones on, you are not a burden to anyone.

This drum kit is designed for children and therefore ideal for... youngest drummers!

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Learn to play drums without noise pollution

Three toms, a snare drum, bass drum, hi-hat and two cymbals – that's what a complete drum kit looks like, and that's what you get with the Millenium Rookie.

The Millenium Rookie contains various drum kits so you can play your favorite genre, whether that's rock, pop, metal, blues or reggae. There are also 10 practice songs to help you develop your playing.

Metronome or playing along with music

If you prefer to drum to the metronome, this is also possible. In addition to the acoustic signal, a flashing light shows you the beat.

Thanks to the AUX input, you can connect your smartphone tablet so you can easily play along with songs on Spotify or YouTube.

The Millenium Rookie costs less than 200 euros, which is why this kit is perfect for children who want to try out drumming or to give as a gift.

millennial rookie

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Millenium Rookie E-Drum SetMillenium Rookie E-Drum Set