Efnote Mini Review

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Rating: 4.6 / 5

Efnote has started the year 2024 well by releasing a brand new electronic drum kit: the Efnote Mini.

This miniature version of the Efnote 5, which is comparable in size to a compact vintage drum kit, is said to be suitable for both children and adults.

In this review, we'll dive deeper into the Efnote Mini's specs, weigh the pros and cons, and come to a conclusion about this latest addition to the electronic drum family.

Efnote Mini

The in 2018 founded brand Efnote, which was started by former employees of Roland, is a renowned manufacturer of electronic musical instruments from Japan. Since then, the company has gained fame for their innovative take on electronic drums.

Efnote offers high-end kits with a lot of attention to design. After releasing 6 different models (3, 3X, 5, 5X, 7 and 7X) and a number of PRO configurations, Efnote is focusing on a more compact kit this time.

With an area of 0.8m² (115cm x 70cm), this kit is certainly compact and therefore fits easily in an apartment or (children's) room.

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What's in the box?

The packaging contains:

  • 14″x 10″ Bass Drum
  • 10" x 4.5" Snare pad (triple zone)
  • 08" x 6.5" Tom pad (dual zone)
  • 10″ x 10″ Floor Tom pad (dual zone)
  • 08″ Splash/Crash pad (dual zone)
  • 12″ Hi-hat pad (triple zone)
  • 16″ Ride pad with choke (triple zone)
  • Snare stand
  • 1 cymbal stand
  • Tom holder + cymbal arm for splash pad

Please note: the package does not contain a hi-hat stand and drum throne.

Kick and drum pads

The Efnote Mini is a compact kit and looks slightly different from most electronic drum kits.

The kick drum has a size of 14" x 10" and can therefore be compared to the size of a floor tom of an acoustic drum set. That's small, but it saves a lot of space. The programmed sounds range from an 18" to 22" bass drum.

With a hitting surface of 10″, the snare drum small sized, but big enough for the right grooves. The 3 zones (head, edge and side) make the snare feel very realistic.

Hihat and cymbals

With a 12″ hi-hat pad that can be played 360° all around, you achieve a more realistic feeling of drumming than with the Efnote 3 which doesn't have a real hi-hat pedal.

The 8″ splash can serve as a crash cymbal, but considering its size it is actually too small for that. Yet Efnote is one of the few brands to successfully integrate splash cymbals into their kits.

💡 Tip: The Efnote Mini can be expanded with 1 extra cymbal or 1 extra tom.

The size of the pads may be on the small side, but the sounds that can be produced are between an 8" splash cymbal and a 21" ride cymbal.


The Efnote Mini contains a number of parts to set it up properly and securely. The cymbal and snare stands are lightweight but sturdy so the kit will not shift while playing.

The hi-hat pedal is not included in the package, nor are a drum stool and bass drum pedal.

Assembling the whole thing is a piece of cake and requires little technical knowledge.

Efnote Mini Module

efnote mini

The sleekly finished module of the Efnote Mini is easy to operate thanks to the touch screen.

Efnote has already prepared 12 different preset kits for you. There are also 8 slots available to create your own kits. The brand wants to preserve the sounds of authentic drums as much as possible, which is why the module contains almost only acoustic sounds.

The module contains some nice features such as Stroke Scope, which allows you to see exactly how accurate your play is.

Thanks to the integrated Bluetooth you can easily play along with your favorite music via Spotify or YouTube.

Efnote Mini suitable for children?

Due to its dimensions, it will take some getting used to for an adult drummer when you take a seat behind the Efnote Mini. The feeling is comparable to a small acoustic drum kit as you see in more intimate settings such as jazz clubs or cafes.

Yet the Efnote Mini is designed so that every age group can enjoy the kit. The kit is therefore more suitable for hobby use and not directly for recording work or large performances.

Pros and cons

The Efnote Mini has a number of pros and cons, with the biggest advantage in my opinion being its size. A well-known problem with drummers is lack of space to put a drum kit; Efnote has really thought about that.

All Efnote kits, including the Efnote Mini, have a premium look and feel very sturdy and stable. At the same time, this quality also comes with a slightly higher price.

Another advantage is that the snare is on a snare stand and not mounted on a rack, so it does not move during playing.

Many electronic drum kits are too big or clumsy for children, but the great thing about this kit is that even the youngest drummers can easily start their music career.


  • Suitable for smaller spaces
  • Kit for all ages
  • Innovative features such as Stroke Scope
  • High quality material
  • Bluetooth


  • Available in 1 color
  • Priced higher than average
  • Expansion options are minimal


The Efnote Mini feels like a full-fledged electronic drum kit and certainly not like a toy. Nevertheless, the drum set can be used by adults and children of all levels.

This kit is ideal for drummers who want to practice without causing noise pollution but actually have little space for a large drum kit.

The toms, cymbals and hardware feel very sturdy and the module contains a number of nice features. All in all, the Efnote Mini is a beautifully finished kit that will continue to surprise you.

The kit is relatively pricey, but you get a lot of quality in return. In addition, the kit will last longer, unlike budget electronic drum kits.