Alesis Nitro MAX Review

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Rating: 4 / 5

Alesis launched a brand new electronic drum kit at the end of 2023 with which they focus on the starting drummer.

The kit is attractively priced and therefore suitable for musicians who want to discover the world of drumming and at the same time do not want to pay the top price.

Curious about what this kit has to offer? In this review you can read about the specifications of the Alesis Nitro Max, we highlight the pros and cons and finish with a conclusion.

Alesis Nitro Max

Alesis is an American company and manufacturer of musical instruments. In the digital drumming field, they focus on drummers of all levels, from the Alesis Debut Kit to the Strike Pro Special Edition.

The first thing you notice is that Alesis Bluetooth has added to the module, which is a huge addition. The Nitro module also looks slightly different than its predecessor.

The sounds in the module are composed with BFD Drums, which promises a significant improvement in the quality of the drum sounds.

What's in the box?

The packaging contains:

  • 10" dual zone snare pad
  • 3 x 8″ single zone tom pads
  • 3 x 10″ cymbal pads
  • Kick pad and kick pedal
  • Hi-hat pedal
  • Nitro Max drum module
  • Rack and cables
  • Drum sticks

(So don't forget your drum stool!)

Drum pads and cymbals

The 10-inch Dual Zone snare pad is a noticeable improvement compared to the older Nitro Mesh or Alesis Turbo Mesh Kit. The design is different and now offers the possibility to produce different sounds on the drum head but also on the rim (for example cross stick).

The tom pads are 8-inch without edge and have a similar design and are just the right size with their shelter.

The 10-in cymbals of choke function (that means you can mute the cymbals by gripping them with your hand) seem unchanged. Yet they are still functional and familiar to those who have played with Alesis drum kits before.

Hi-hat and kick

The hi-hat pedal of the Alesis Nitro Max is comparable to the previous model and offers good response.

The kick pedal is, unlike the Turbo Mesh Kit, a full-fledged kick drum pedal, which makes playing feel much more realistic. The pedal is a standard model from Alesis and is nice to start with, but the quality is less good other kick pedals on the market.

Aluminum rack

The Alesis Nitro Max comes with a aluminum rack, which is lightweight and convenient for movement and storage.

Due to the light weight, the rack feels less sturdy and stability deserves some attention. Especially because some parts have plastic clamps that feel a bit fragile. Therefore, be careful when tightening these clamps.

💡 Tip: Through your snare pad on a regular one snare stand your kit will feel sturdier and wobble less.

Nitro Max Drum Module

alesis nitro max

The Alesis Nitro Max's drum module is notable for its built-in... Bluetooth functionality. This allows you to connect wirelessly to devices and play along with your favorite songs on Spotify, for example.

The 440 sounds in the module come from BFD, which is certainly an improvement over previous models. The addition of a smartphone/tablet holder on the module is very useful for drummers taking online lessons.

Expandable with Expansion Pack

The standard version of the Alesis Nitro Max Kit comes with a crash and ride cymbal. However, that is not enough for most drummers.

It is for those who want to expand their game Expansion Pack, which allows you to easily expand the kit with an extra tom and cymbal.

  • alesis nitro max

Pros and cons

The Alesis Nitro Max Kit has a number of advantages and disadvantages:

One notable absence from the package is a drum throne, meaning you'll have to purchase one yourself (Click here for an overview).

Setting up the drum kit takes some time, especially for new drummers. Don't worry: the manual will help you get started.

The drum kit is compact, which is nice for saving space, but this can be a disadvantage for some drummers, especially taller players.


  • Bluetooth
  • Brand new 10-inch Dual-Zone snare pad
  • Built-in holder for smartphones/tablets
  • Affordable price
  • Professional drum sounds from BFD


  • No drum throne included in the package
  • Rack may wobble slightly, especially near the snare
  • The sound of the kick pad is a bit loud


The Alesis Nitro Max is a new electronic drum kit with the basic functions for the starting drummer. The kit is compact in size and equipped with various functions, with the Bluetooth function being unique for kits in this price segment.

Although the rack can feel a bit unstable (which can be remedied with a snare stand), this kit from Alesis is a suitable all-round electronic drum kit with an attractive price.