Roland VAD307 E-Drum Set

Powerful and compact electronic drum kit with acoustic design

Coaching function with Time Check and Quiet Count

Listen directly from your smartphone thanks to Bluetooth 4.2 integration

Unprecedentedly realistic playing feeling with thin cymbals and wooden shells

Perfect for professional drummers or studio recording

  • Sounds: 310
  • Drum kits: 100


Roland VAD307

The Roland VAD307 is a powerful and compact electronic drum kit that offers realistic sound quality with a sleek design.

Premium electronic kit

Roland is known as one of the best (if not the best) brand among electronic drums. Whoever chooses Roland, chooses quality. And you notice that immediately!

This kit is an upgrade of the relatively smaller Roland VAD103 and offers, among other things, a more extensive TD-17 drum module.

Suitable for professional use

This 12″ snare drum and toms (2 x 10″ top toms and 12″ floor tom) feel responsive and realistic due to the double-layer mesh heads and make the Roland VAD307 a full-fledged and professional electronic drum kit.

The CY series cymbal pads (12″ hi-hat, two 12″ crashes and a 14″ ride) move back and forth naturally thanks to its optimal weight and sensitivity.

Advanced module with Bluetooth

The TD-17 drum module contains 336 sounds inspired by the flagship Roland TD-50. In addition, the module has 70 preset kits and you can put together 50 of your own kits.

The kit is also easy to connect to your smartphone or tablet thanks to the Bluetooth and USB function.

The Roland VAD307 is a very advanced kit with many features. The kit is mainly suitable for experienced drummers or producers who want to record professional drum tracks.

Differences Roland VAD307 and Roland VAD706

For the drummer who wants to take it more seriously and is looking for an even more realistic looking kit with more sounds and larger toms + cymbals, you may be more enthusiastic about the Roland VAD706:

View here Roland VAD706 (available in 4 different designs).

roland vad307Roland VAD307 E-Drum Set