Millennium MD-100 Mobile Drum

 Upgrade from Millennium MD-90 Mobile Drum

 You can take this kit with you everywhere

 Can be used with power bank

 8 mesh head pads + Kick and Hihat pedals

 AUX input for connecting smartphone

  • Sounds: 665
  • Preset kits: 80
  • User kits: 10
  • Songs: 110


Millennium MD-100 Mobile Drum

Maybe you recognize this: You are a (beginning) drummer but you don't have enough space for a drum kit or you think a real kit is just a bit too expensive...

Then the Millenium MD-100 Mobile Drum is the ideal solution for you!

Upgrade from MD-90

The Millenium MD-100 Mobile Drum is a portable electronic drum kit for novice and experienced drummers, released in November 2023.

This easy-to-carry drum kit offers almost 3 times the sounds and many more features than its predecessor, the Millennium MD-90.

Compact with sleek design

The biggest advantage of a Mobile Drum, also called a Table Drum Kit, is that it is easy to move. Where with regular electronic drum kits you have to set up hardware and install the kit properly, with a Mobile Drum it is literally plug & play.

What is immediately noticeable is the sleek high-end design of the kit. The matte black look with blue accents gives the kit a professional look. It is clear to see that Millenium has successfully paid attention to the looks of the kit.

Play more realistically with mesh heads

Unique to the Millenium MD-100 is the availability mesh heads. Even the Yamaha DD-75, a more expensive one in this category, does not have this. Mesh heads provide a quieter and more pleasant playing experience.

Thanks to the 'hand perc mode', the pads can even be played by hand.

The arrangement of the pads is also more logically arranged than the MD-90 and the Millenium MD-100 has an extra cymbal pad.

Can be used anywhere

You can place the Millenium MD-100 Mobile Drum on the table or other sturdy surface, but the kit can also be attached to a standard snare stand such as the Millenium SS-801X Pro Series Snare Stand.

👉 Would you rather have a full-fledged electronic drum kit? Then view the following entry-level models: Alesis Nitro Max Kit, Millenium MPS-450 or Roland TD-02KV.

Differences Millenium MD-90 and Millenium MD-100

There are a number of differences between the Millenium MD-90 and the Millenium MD-100:

Sounds AUX Attach to snare stand Pads
MD-90 265 No No 7
MD-100 665 Yes Yes 8

👉 The Millennium MD-90 contains 265 sounds and slightly fewer functions. Unfortunately, connecting your smartphone is also not possible. This Portable Kit is slightly cheaper.

👉 The Millennium MD-100 contains over 665 sounds and multiple functions and can be connected to a power bank. Connecting your smartphone is also possible. In addition, the kit is easy to attach to a snare stand.

Compared to a full-fledged drum kit, the position of the pads on the MD-100 is also more logical.

Millennium MD-100 Mobile DrumMillennium MD-100 Mobile Drum