Double Bass For Electronic Drums: Best Buy

double bass

A double bass pedal is perfect for drummers who want to add extra power and dynamics to their playing. In genres such as rock and metal, the double-bass pedal is very popular and actually indispensable.

In this blog we discuss the different types of pedals and highlight a number of products with the best price-quality ratio.

What is a double bass pedal and how do I use it?

A double bass pedal is easy to add to your electronic drum kit. In general, all double bass pedals are suitable for any kit (acoustic or electronic). Adding a double bass pedal to your drum kit gives extra dynamics and power to your playing.

Do you have an electronic drum kit without a bass drum pad, for example the Millenium HD-120, Roland TD-02KV or Alesis Turbo Mesh Kit? Then using a double bass pedal is not possible.

In that case, you can set the hi-hat pedal as an extra bass drum, so that you can still play double bass, however it will feel less realistic. Buying a double-bass pedal is therefore recommended.

Different types of double bass pedals

Double bass pedals can be roughly divided into four categories: single-chain, double-chain, belt drive or direct drive.

Single chain (single-chain)

Single-chain pedals are usually the most affordable choice. They are made with fewer materials and time and are generally lower quality. Single chains are often quite fragile and are generally not considered professional pedals.

You'll often find single-chain pedals on beginner drum sets. The pedal may feel a bit wobbly and responsiveness may decrease.

Double chain (double-chain)

Double chain pedals are firmer than single chain pedals and are usually more responsive. In addition, the chains of modern double-chain pedals rarely break due to overuse (which is common with single-chain pedals).

There is a possibility that the chains will wear out over time, but this is not common. These pedals feel a little heavy underfoot, but you are great for the extra power they will give you.

Belt drive (belt drive)

With belt-drive pedals, the footboard and beater are connected by a belt. They are almost unbreakable and have advantages over chain-drive pedals: they are lighter, respond faster and have better beater contact.

A chain-drive chain can suddenly break due to metal fatigue, which is an unpleasant surprise during a performance. A belt-drive pedal is less likely to break because damage to the belt can be seen early.

Direct drive (direct-drive)

'Direct-drive' pedals are great for drummers who like lightning-fast double basses and blast beats as playing style. These pedals do not have cams, but are made of a solid connection of metal between the footplate and the housing that supports the beater shaft.

They are more expensive than other options, but are more professional and responsive. They're extremely fast and don't require much force to get moving (in fact, some drummers may find these pedals a little too responsive). Because of this, it may take some time before you get used to the movement.

Double bass pedals for acoustic or electronic drum kit

There is a huge range of different double bass pedals, ranging from 150 to 2000 dollars. Remember that your own technique is always the most important and a (pricey) pedal will not immediately improve your drumming. However, the specifications of a double bass pedal can positively influence and support your playing technique.

Below you will find four double bass pedals offered by Thomann. From all four categories we just described, we have selected the pedal with the best price-quality ratio.

Pearl P-932 Double Bass Drum Pedal

Pearl P-932 Double Bass Drum Pedal is a single chain double bass pedal. The pedal has a solid base plate with drive via a single chain and plastic beaters, which ensures a good balance between power and speed.

The Pearl brand is one of the most popular brands among drummers and is known for its high quality drums and hardware.

The drum pedal is lightweight and therefore requires little force while playing. The pedal is also easy to adjust to your own wishes.

Tama Iron Cobra HP600DTW Double

The Tama Iron Cobra HP600DTW Double double bass pedal is a powerful and versatile double chain pedal from the popular Iron Cobra series by Tama.

I've spent years rehearsing and playing shows with these pedals, and they remain my favorite. The material is incredibly strong, so they cannot be broken.

The pedal comes with a sturdy base plate for maximum stability while playing and can be optionally equipped with the Cobra Coil. This is a small part that you can mount on the footplate so that the pedal returns faster.

Gibraltar 4711ST-DB Double Pedal Strap

The Gibraltar 4711ST-DB Double Pedal Strap is a lightweight, belt drive double bass drum pedal with an innovative design. The pedal is equipped with a Strap Drive system that provides a smooth and responsive feel, allowing you to play quickly and accurately.

The pedal's Dual-Beater is made of both plastic and felt, allowing you to switch between a louder or softer tone depending on the style of music you play.

The pedal also has an adjustable spring tension, allowing you to adjust the resistance of the pedal to your personal preference. The newly designed G-Class footplate provides good stability and grip while playing.

Millenium PD-223 Pro Series BD Pedal

Millenium is a provider of electronic drums in various segments. The brand is known for excellent value for money and is suitable for drummers of all levels. In addition to electronic drums, Millenium also produces other products such as acoustic drums, hardware or double bass pedals.

The Millenium PD-223 Pro Series BD Pedal is a direct drive bass drum pedal with an aluminum hinge, steel base plate and adjustable spring tension. It has rotating beaters and comes with a tuning key with holder. It is the most affordable direct-drive double bass pedal and offers excellent quality.


The selection of double bass pedals is large. By trying out the different pedals in a music store or trying out your purchase at home first, you can make the best choice for yourself. Experiment with the spring tension or adjusting the rotation angle to determine your ideal position. 👍

👉 Tip: You can possibly replace the beaters with lightweight ones, for example the Tama CB900AS Accu-Strike Beater. This requires less strength from your legs, allowing you to continue playing for longer.

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