Roland TD-07KV V-Drum Set

 Affordable electronic drum set from top brand Roland

 TD-07 drum module with Bluetooth

 Maintain your timing with the integrated metronome and coaching function

 Expandable with extra cymbal or tom

 Mesh heads for a more realistic playing feel and less noise pollution

❌ Hi-hat pedal without hi-hat stand

  • Sounds: 143
  • Preset kits: 25
  • User kits: 25


Roland TD-07KV

The Roland TD-07KV V-Drum is an entry-level model in Roland's well-known V-Drums series and offers all the basic options that fit an electronic drum set.

Top quality in-house

Roland is known as one of the best (if not the best) brand among electronic drums. Whoever chooses Roland, chooses quality. And you notice that immediately!

The PDX-8 snare and three PDX-6 toms feature Roland's ultra-quiet, dual-layer mesh heads, providing an authentic feel. The CY-8 crash and ride cymbals offer a large and optimal playing surface.

143 sounds and 50 kits

The module contains 25 preset kits, 25 user kits and has 143 instrument sounds. So you can easily put together your own kits, but also use the existing combinations.

The kit offers endless options to create your desired sound. This way you can adjust the damping, pitch and snare tension to your own taste.

Coach Mode and Bluetooth

The Roland TD-07KV also has a built-in Coach mode so you can continue to develop as a drummer.

In addition, the module has Bluetooth connectivity so you can easily play along with your favorite music from Spotify or YouTube.

roland td-07kv

Differences Roland TD-07DMK and Roland TD-07KV

The Roland TD-07DMK and Roland TD-07KV contain the same drum module and look similar, but there are a number of differences:

Kick pad Cymbals
TD-07DMK Fixed 10”, 10”, 10”
TD-07KV Loose 10”, 12”, 12”

👉 The kick pad of the Roland TD-07DMK is attached to the rack, which can feel uncomfortable while playing. The cymbal pads are also of a smaller size.

👉 The Roland TD-07KV comes with a separate kick drum (Roland KD-10). The cymbal pads (Roland CY-8) are larger in size and slightly better quality. This kit therefore gives a slightly more realistic playing feeling.

Roland TD-07KVRoland TD-07KV V-Drum Set