Roland TD-17KV2 E-Drum Set

 High-quality electronic drum kit suitable for advanced drummers

 Coaching function with Time Check and Quiet Count

 Compact and stylish design

 Extensive TD-17 drum module with Bluetooth

 Unprecedentedly realistic playing feeling due to cymbals with a thinner profile

❌ Hi-hat pedal without hi-hat stand

  • Sounds: 336
  • Preset kits: 70
  • User kits: 50


Roland TD-17KV2

The Roland TD-17KV2 is the most affordable way to experience the popular TD-17 V-Drums series. The drum kit is built around the improved TD-17 module and offers a high-end drumming experience in a compact size.

The kit is ideal for apartments and smaller homes where space is limited.

Renewed TD-17 module

The Roland TD-17KV2 has a new design TD-17 drum module, 12″ mesh-head snare and newly developed thin cymbals. This provides a drumming experience that is very close to playing acoustic drums.

The nice thing about the PDX-12 snare drum is that it has a larger hitting surface than most electronic drum kits.

Very quiet hi-hat controller

This electronic drum kit does not contain a hi-hat pedal, but one FD-9 hi-hat controller. This one is youEquipped with an impact noise reducing mechanism making it super quiet.

Advanced features

This TD-17 module contains 70 premium preset drum kits, including 20 new kits with custom samples. The door Roland TD-50 inspired dynamic drum sounds sound very natural.

The Roland TD-17KV2 can be configured entirely to your own taste. Users can customize the preset drum kits to create their own drum sound. The drum set also has expansion options if you need this later.

roland td-17kv2

Differences Roland TD-17KV2 and TD-17KVX2

Both kits from the TD-17 series contain the same drum module. There are also a number of differences:

Kick Cymbals Hi-hat
TD-27KV2 KD-10 10”, 12”, 14” Controller
TD-27KVX2 KD-10 10”, 12”, 12”, 14 Pedal

👉 The Roland TD-17KV2 comes with a silent hi-hat controller (Roland FD-9).

👉 The Roland TD-17KVX2 you play with a separate hi-hat stand, which feels more realistic. In addition, the kit has an extra CY-12C-T crash cymbal of 12″.

Roland TD-17KV2Roland TD-17KV2 E-Drum Set