Efnote 3 E-Drum Set

 High-end professional electronic drum kit

 Powerful module with aluminum housing, Bluetooth and touch screen

 Tru-Aco™ sound technology

 Advanced Stroke Scope training module

Beautifully finished kit with attention to details

  • Sounds: 98
  • Preset kits: 16
  • User kits: 34
  • Songs: 15


Efnote 3

When you play the first notes on a Efnote, you notice it immediately: this is different than usual. Efnote's kits play so realistically that even with your eyes closed you won't realize it is an electronic drum kit.

99% acoustic drum sounds

The kits are built in such a way that the difference with an acoustic drum set is minimal. Even the sounds in the module are for 99% acoustic drum sounds!

The Efnote 3 and 3X do not have this acoustic appearance, but you do benefit from the premium quality that Efnote has to offer.

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Innovative technologies

This drum kit is equipped with the latest technologies, including USB Audio/MIDI, Bluetooth and an app. This allows you to adjust the sound settings and control the drum kit using your mobile device.

This kit has a high-quality finish and comes with a sturdy frame. The cymbals have an elegant warm gray surface with silicone surface that is resistant to drumstick marks.

With its pioneering technology, Efnote is the world's first producer to record hi-hat movements in 3D. It also uses Tru-Motion™ technology to create extra realistic-sounding cymbals.

Stroke Scope/Analyzer and setlist function

The kit offers many functions, including a built-in speaker with metronome but also a Stroke Scope to continue developing yourself.

With the Stroke Scope you play a groove that the module then quickly converts into sheet music that immediately appears on the screen.

The Stroke Analyzer evaluates how accurately you play, with a maximum score of 100%. Perfect for working on your timing!

The kit is also suitable for live performances, thanks to the setlist function that allows you to configure the order of the drums for each song.

efnote 3

Difference between Efnote 3 and 3X

In addition to the different designs between Efnote 3 (White Sparkle) and Efnote 3X (Black Oak), there are a number of differences, namely:

Kick drum Toms Cymbals Hi-hat position
Efnote 3 8” 3 12”, 14”, 16”, 14” Controller
Efnote 3X 12” 4 14”, 16”, 18”, 16” Pedal

👉 The Efnote 3 has a light gray finish and features two 14" crashes and a 16" ride. The bass drum is also slightly smaller, but double bass is still possible.

👉 The Efnote 3X with “Black Oak” design has larger cymbals and has an extra 14″ floor tom. This means your playing options are more extensive.

The Efnote 3X also has a hi-hat pedal, which plays more realistically.

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Efnote 3Efnote 3 E-Drum Set