Yamaha DTX402KRL E-Drum Set

 Perfect start to your drumming career

 Lightweight, compact and space-saving drum kit

 Develop yourself with 10 coaching programs

 Maintain your timing with the metronome

 Suitable for beginning drummers and children

❌ It is not possible to put together your own kits

  • Sounds: 287
  • Preset kits: 10


Yamaha DTX402KRL

The Yamaha DTX402KRL is a compact electronic drum kit designed for beginning drummers. The kit is easy to set up and operate so you can get started right away.

Suitable for the novice drummer

This kit is recommended for beginning drummers or musicians who want to discover whether drumming is for them.

Yamaha is a well-known brand from Japan known for its high quality. So you don't have to worry that your kit will fall apart after a few months, because strength and durability are guaranteed with this well-known brand.

Limited noise pollution

Although complete silence while drumming is not possible, noise pollution is significantly reduced. There will be some tapping noise in the house, but the neighbors will not be bothered by it.

Coach function

The module is equipped with a special coach function that will help you learn to play drums easily. Would you rather play along with your own music? This is easy with the AUX connection.

All in all, the Yamaha DTX402KRL is a reliable and sturdy kit that is ideal for beginners or children and provides a good basis for the start of any drumming career.

Snare upgrade

If desired, you can upgrade the kit with the TP-70S snare drum. This has a two-part edge that makes rim shots and rim clicks possible.

Please note: When mounting this snare you will need a TPCL500 Pad Holder necessary.

yamaha dtx402krl

Differences Yamaha DTX402KRL, DTX432K and DTX452K

Visually, all three kits look the same. However, there are a number of small differences:

Snare Hi-hat controller Bass drum
DTX402KRL Mono KU100 KU100
DTX432K Mono HH-65 KP65 + pedal
DTX452K TP-70S HH-65 KP65 + pedal

The Yamaha DTX402KRL contains a hi-hat and bass drum controller (so no stand and beater pedal like with an acoustic drum kit). That will feel a little less realistic, but is certainly not a problem for the novice drummer.

The Yamaha DTX432K has a better hi-hat controller and also has a kick pad + kick pedal. This plays a little more realistically.

The Yamaha 452K has a better one TP-70S snare. This has a two-part edge that makes rim shots and rim clicks possible.

Looking for a Yamaha kit with even more options? look at the Yamaha DTX6K-X.

Yamaha DTX402KRL E-Drum SetYamaha DTX402KRL E-Drum Set