Why Drumming is Good for Children

Music has become an indispensable part of our society. For a child, learning to play the drums can be a fun and educational experience, and perhaps one of the most distinct choices is the drum kit.

Drumming goes beyond just making noise; it provides numerous benefits for children's physical, cognitive and emotional development. In this blog we take a closer look at why drumming is an excellent choice for the young generation.

Did you know that acoustic drum kits already exist for children aged 3 and over? Like this Millenium Youngster Drum Set:

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1. Physical Development

Drumming is a full-body workout for young musicians. It requires coordination between hands and feet, it stimulates the development of motor skills and stimulates the ability to multitask.

Moving arms, hands and feet in different rhythmic patterns contributes to the overall physical condition of a child.

2. Rhythmic Intelligence

Rhythm is the core of drumming. Learning to understand and follow rhythmic patterns contributes to the development rhythmic intelligence of a child.

This can have positive effects on their ability to recognize patterns, which in turn is useful for learning math and reading.

3. Stress Relief and Emotional Release

Drumming acts as an outlet for emotional expression. Children can express their feelings through rhythm and sound, which has a positive influence on their emotional well-being.

Plus, drumming works like a stress relieverand will give children a healthy way to reduce tension and stress.

4. Social Skills

Playing together is an integral part of many musical disciplines, and this also applies to drumming. By participating in bands or ensembles, children learn to to collaborate, communicate and listen to others.

As a drummer, it is extra important that you dare to take a leading role because the rest must follow your rhythm. This is a valuable quality to take with you into everyday life.

5. Self-discipline and Perseverance

The learning to play an instrument, including drumming, kids require dedication and perseverance. Children will develop self-discipline because they need regular practice to improve their skills.

These qualities are valuable and can provide lifelong benefits.

Acoustic Or Electronic Drumming?

Whether you let your child practice on an electronic or acoustic drum set, it does not make much difference for coordination and the learning process.

There will be considerable less noise pollution happen when your child plays an electronic drum set, like this one Millenium Rookie (from 3 years):


Drumming is not just about creating sound; it is a powerful educational tool that promotes the overall development of children. From physical skills to emotional expression, and from rhythmic intelligence to social interaction.

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