Extra 10″ cymbal and larger snare and tom pad

Increased maximum height

 12 high quality drum kits

Includes kick pedal, drum stool and headphones

Integrated Bluetooth: easily play along with your favorite music


The Gear4Music Visiondrum PRO is an electronic drum kit that allows even the littlest ones to develop their musical talents.

The kit can be used from 3 years of age and, thanks to the headphone connection, offers the opportunity to practice undisturbed for hours!

Let your drumming skills come to life

The Gear4Music Visiondrum PRO contains all the elements that a real drum kit has, namely a snare, 3 toms, hi-hat and 2 cymbals. You can control the kick drum and hi-hat with the included pedals.

Several studies have shown that drumming ged is for the development of children. And how cool is it if you have your own drum kit at home?

Real kick pedal and Bluetooth

Unlike the regular version of Gear4Music Visiondrum, the Visiondrum PRO has a real kick pedal instead of a trigger pedal, making playing even more realistic.

In addition, this PRO version also has Bluetooth, so you can connect your smartphone and easily play along with music via YouTube or Spotify.

In addition, the Gear4Music Visiondrum PRO has an extra 10″ cymbal and a larger snare and floor tom.

All-in-1 package

This electronic drum kit, which is also available in Blue and Orange, fits right in with the Millenium Rookie and the Donner DED-70.

Gear4Music has put together a package for you including drum sticks, headphones, drum key and stool so you can get started in no time!

What is also very useful is that you can fold the drum kit when you are not using it. Ideal for (children's) rooms where space is limited.

gear4music vision drum

Mesh heads

Many budget drum kits come with rubber pads. An advantage to the Gear4Music Visiondrum PRO is that it comes with mesh heads. These are mesh heads that are not only more pleasant to play, but are also quieter for the environment.

The module has everything you need, including 12 kits, an AUX input for connecting your smartphone and a metronome.

Differences between Visiondrum, Visiondrum+ and Visiondrum PRO

The three different Gear4Music Visiondrum models contain a number of differences, clearly shown below:

Real kick pedal Tom pads Cymbals Bluetooth To colour
Visiondrum No 4x8” 8”, 8” No 3
Visiondrum+ Yes 4x8” 8”, 8” No 1
Visiondrum PRO Yes 10”, 8”, 8”, 10” 8”, 8”, 10” Yes 1

An additional advantage of the Visiondrum+ and Visiondrum PRO is that you can adjust these kits 40cm higher (max 790mm height) than the regular Visiondrum.

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