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drum set for children

Do you have a mini rock star at home who goes crazy about the idea of playing drums? Then a drum set for children can be a nice instrument to have at home gift to give. Children can start playing drums from the age of 3, so what are you waiting for?

Drumming at a young age

Making music has a positive influence on the child's brain. It positively promotes the neurological development of the brain and the social, emotional and intellectual skills of children. In addition, there are several studies that show that drumming is therapeutic.

A normal drum kit is often too big for children and contains features that you do not need as a young drummer. Fortunately, there are many options on the market today that are specifically designed for young drummers.

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Acoustic drum kits for children

In this blog we discuss five popular drum sets for children, namely the Pearl Roadshow Jr. Jet Black, Millenium Youngster drum set, the Millenium Focus Junior, the Ludwig Pocket Kit and the Millenium Rookie electronic kit.

Pearl Roadshow Jr. Jet Black

pearl roadshow jr. jet black

The Pearl Roadshow Jr. Jet Black is a compact drum kit for children aged 4-10 years old. It has a 16-inch bass drum, 10-inch tom, 13-inch floor tom, 12-inch snare drum, hi-hat and cymbal. The drum set is made of poplar wood and has a Jet Black finish.

Pearl is one of the largest drum manufacturers in the world, with a wide range of products suitable for drummers of all levels, including the little ones. The brand is known for their superior sound quality, durability and versatility.

This drum kit comes with a bass drum pedal, drum stool, hi-hat stand and cymbal stand. It is a sustainable and professional option for young drummers who are serious about music.

Millenium Youngster Drum Set

millennium youngster drum set

The Millenium Youngster drum set is a popular choice for young drummers due to its affordability and simple design.

This drum kit for children consists of a bass drum, a snare drum, a tom, a hi-hat and a cymbal. The drum kit is not very extensive, but offers... perfect base for the starting drummer. In addition, the boilers are made of hardwood and not plastic.

The Millenium Youngster Drum Set is suitable for children aged 3-7 years old and can easily be adjusted to the child's height. In addition, the drum kit looks stylish and feels sturdy.

The set is available in four flashy colors (Pink Sparkle, Azure, Green and Silver) and comes with all necessary hardware, including a bass drum pedal, drum stool and drum sticks.

Millennium Focus Junior

millennium focus junior

The Millenium Focus Junior is a slightly more advanced drum kit for children aged 4-7 years old. It has a similar setup to the Youngster drum set, but has a something more professional appearance.

The drum kit feels sturdy and has an adjustable height, so it can grow with the child. The Millenium Focus Junior has a slightly higher price than the Youngster drum set, but contains 3 toms so you can practice even more extensively.

The quality and design of this drum set immediately makes this product more like a full-fledged instrument than a toy. Millenium Focus Junior is available in two different colors Ed and Black.

Ludwig Pocket Kit

ludwig pocket kit

The Ludwig Pocket Kit is a complete drum set for children aged 4-10 years old. This drum set, which was developed in collaboration with Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson, has a bass drum, tom, snare drum, hi-hat and cymbal. The drum kit is made of hardwood and has a silver finish.

It comes with all the necessary hardware, including a bass drum pedal, hi-hat stand and cymbal stand. The distinguishing feature of the Pocket Kit is its foldable design, making it easy to store and transport.

Millenium Rookie Electronic Drum Kit

millennial rookie

Drumming can produce quite a bit of sound. To please your neighbors (and yourself) you can buy one electronic drum kit be a good idea for children. The biggest advantage is that there is no noise pollution because you hear the music through headphones.

Electronic drums come in all shapes and sizes and are available from €189.

The Millenium Rookie is the perfect entry-level model for young drummers. It is an affordable electronic drum kit for children that has the basic functions that a novice drummer needs, making it an ideal first drum kit for children.

The Millenium Rookie comes with a sturdy frame and pedals, which ensure that the set remains stable while playing.

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There are a number of drum sets on the market specifically suitable for (young) children, each with their own advantages. The Millenium Youngster is ideal for the youngest children.

If you are looking for more playing freedom and options, the Millenium Focus Junior or the Pearl Roadshow Jr. Jet might be better. Those looking for a quieter drum set for children may be better off with the Millenium Rookie.

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