Alesis Strata Prime

Latest flagship from Alesis

Active Magnetic hi-hat controller

10″ Touch Screen Module with 128 GB storage space


360° cymbal pads

  • Sounds: 1092
  • Preset kits: 440
  • User kits: Unlimited


Alesis Strata Prime E-Drum Kit

Halfway through March 2024 came Alesis unexpectedly with the announcement of a new kit in the higher price segment.

It turned out to be a very advanced kit with a powerful sound module, 3 cymbals, 4 toms and a real-size bass drum: The Alesis Strata Prime.

Full size cymbals and toms

The Alesis Strata Prime is a very eye-catching kit that comes equipped with 2 x 16" crashes, an 18" ride and 14" hi-hat. All these cymbals can be played 360 degrees around and can therefore move freely.

The kit consists of no fewer than 4 toms (8″, 10″, 12″ and 14″) and a 14″ snare. The kick drum is also full size and gives a nice appearance thanks to the acoustic look.

Is this setup still not enough for you? Good news: the kit can be expanded with 2 extra cymbals and 1 extra tom.

Do you want to use the Alesis Strata Prime at shows? The Alesis Strike Amp 12 provides enough power to amplify this drum kit.

Hi-hat controller with Active Magnet

A common problem with electronic drum sets is the hi-hat, which does not always register sounds optimally, to the annoyance of many drummers.

Alesis has innovated in this with the Alesis Strata Prime by using the Active Magnet function, where the controller opens and closes realistically thanks to a magnet and optimally transmits the sounds to the module.

Powerful module with Bluetooth

The heart of the Alesis Strata Prime is the PRIME Drum Module, which is next level compared to other drum modules. The module has an interface comparable to an iPad and is very easy to operate.

The number of self-configurable kits is unlimited, which is unique compared to other modules on the market. The BFD sound engine offers endless sounds and possibilities to create the perfect sound.

alesis strata prime

Sleek design

All in all, the kit is finished with a sleek design that comes close to an acoustic drum kit. The shells of the snare and toms are shallower than those of the Alesis Strike Pro, the predecessor of the Alesis Strata Prime.

Are you curious about Alesis' other kits, but your budget is a bit lower? Then check out the Alesis Crimson II SE Mesh Kit or Alesis Nitro Max.

alesis strata primeAlesis Strata Prime