Buying An Electronic Drum Set: What Do You Need To Know? | 5 Tips

buy an electronic drum kit

Do you want to buy an electronic drum kit, but don't know where to start? Buying an electronic drum kit can be complicated because of the many features and specifications you need to consider.

No problem! In this blog we discuss not only the basic functions of an electronic drum kit, but also lesser-known functions that you may not have thought of yet. We share useful tips to help you choose the perfect electronic drum kit that suits your playing style, level and budget.

Where to buy an electronic drum kit?

It is good to consider where you want to buy your drum kit. Are you on the safe side and do you want to buy a new electronic drum set?

Perhaps buying a second-hand electronic drum set via Ebay is a cheaper alternative? It is also possible that your drum set is offered in B-Stock. Read more about this in the blog about buying a second-hand drum set via Ebay.

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Sound library

One of the most important aspects of an electronic drum kit is the number of sounds. Are you satisfied with the sounds of a standard acoustic drum kit? Then almost any electronic drum kit will be sufficient for you.

If you also want to play different genres such as pop, rock, metal, jazz or soul, a simple drum module may quickly become boring. On the manufacturer's website, for example from Roland, there's a lot of information about the different drum modules.

Do you want to buy an electronic drum kit that meets the basics? Then kits like Roland TD-02KV or Millenium HD-120 will offer enough. If you want more sounds, check out the Millenium MPS-850 or Roland TD-07DMK.

  • Roland TD-07DMK
  • Millenium MPS-850
  • Millenium MPS-850

Mesh head or rubber pads?

Another important factor to consider when purchasing an electronic drum kit is the type of pads used. The two most common types of pads are mesh heads and rubber pads.

Mesh heads

Mesh heads accurately recreate the playing experience of an acoustic drum kit by using woven fibers, such as polyester or nylon. This makes them more sensitive than rubber pads and responds better to different playing techniques. Although mesh heads are more expensive than rubber pads, the realism of the feel and sound is often worth the price difference.

Would you like to know more about mesh heads? Then read this blog.

Rubber pads

Rubber pads are usually cheaper than mesh heads and are less sensitive. However, they are more durable and require less maintenance than mesh heads. Rubber pads are a good choice for beginners or for drummers looking for a simple electronic drum set.

There are also kits where only the snare has a mesh head, for example the Roland TD-02KV or the Yamaha DTX6K-X. This already provides a considerably more realistic playing feeling because the snare pad is generally the most commonly used pad.

If you want to buy an electronic drum kit that is fully equipped with mesh head pads, take a look at the Alesis Nitro Max Kit, Millennium MPS -150X or the Millenium MPS-450.

  • alesis nitro max
  • Millenium MPS-450
  • Millenium MPS-450 E-Drum Set


A major advantage of electronic drums is that most can be expanded with extra toms or cymbals. It is wise to check in advance whether your kit can also be expanded, if you would like.

Many kits are equipped with three cymbals (hihat, crash and ride) as standard, which is not enough for many drummers. By adding an extra cymbal you get the option to expand your kit with an extra crash, china cymbal, cowbell or whatever sound you want!

Do you want to buy an electronic drum kit to which you can add pads and cymbals, for example with the Millennium MPS-450 Expansion Pack, then you are able to create more complex patterns and grooves. Please note that the type of expansion set is compatible with the type of drum set. Always consult the manual for this.

Hi-hat Pedal

There are some important differences between electronic drums with a separate hi-hat stand and electronic drums with a hi-hat machine. Both options have their pros and cons.

Stand-alone Hi Hat Stand

A standalone hi-hat stand has a physically movable hi-hat cymbal and pedal, similar to an acoustic drum set. This gives drummers more control and realism when playing hi-hat patterns and accents.

Examples of kits with a separate hi-hat stand include: Millennium MPS-750X, Millenium MPS-850 and all kits from Efnote and GEWA.

  • millennium mps-750x pro

Hi-hat Machine Pedal

Electronic drums with a hi-hat machine (e.g. the Roland TD-02KV) on the other hand have an integrated hi-hat controller, which is not as physically movable as a freestanding stand. This may provide a less realistic playing experience for some drummers, but can also be more convenient and space-saving.

The ultimate difference between these two types of electronic drum kits depends on the drummer's personal preference and playing style.


If you want to buy an electronic drum kit, it is important to take the level of the drummer into account. For beginners it can be tempting to buy an entry-level model, as they are often cheaper. However, these drum kits often have limited functionalities so you may quickly get bored of it. For an advanced drummer, this can result in limitations in developing their own playing style and skills.

On the other hand, a professional electronic drum kit that has advanced features such as the Roland VAD706 or an electronic drum kit from Efnote, are too complicated and overwhelming for beginners. These kits look fantastic, but as a beginner you won't be able to do much more with them than with one Millenium Rookie.

Are you looking for an electronic drum set for children? Then take the dimensions of the drum kit and drum stool into account. For more advice on buying an electronic drum set for children, read here.


Now that you have more information about buying an electronic drum set, the choice may be a little easier. There are many models to choose from with all different specifications, but ultimately it all depends on your own needs.

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