Yamaha DD-75 Mobile Drum

 Portable drum kit for the beginning or advanced drummer

 8 velocity-sensitive pads

 Extensive sound library with 570 sounds

 No hassle with cords: battery use possible

 Get started right away: including drum sticks and 2 pedals

  • Sounds: 570
  • Preset kits: 75
  • User kits: 10
  • Songs: 105


Yamaha DD-75 Mobile Drum

For those who want to play drums but do not want a complete drum kit at home, Yamaha offers the perfect solution!

Portable drum kit

The Yamaha DD-75 Mobile Electronic Drum Kit is a convenient and portable solution for drummers who don't have room for a full drum kit in their home, apartment or other space.

Each of the 8 drum pads is touch sensitive and has a pleasant response. The kit comes with 75 preset drum kits and 10 user drum kits, so you can customize your sound to your liking.

Two foot pedals and AUX connection

The kit comes with two pedal connections so that kick and hi-hat can also be played. You can also connect your phone via AUX and play along with your favorite music via YouTube or Spotify.

Designed for ease of use, the Yamaha DD-75 has an intuitive interface that makes it easy for both novice and more experienced drummers.

To be attached to snare stand

You can place this portable kit on a (side) table, but you can also attach the kit to a snare stand (for example this snare stand from Millenium), so you can determine the height yourself.

yamaha dd-75

This kit is ideal for the drummer who lives in an apartment or small room. The kit's size makes it easy to carry, allowing you to jam with your friends wherever you want.

Also view the extensive product description on the website Yamaha.

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Yamaha DD-75Yamaha DD-75 Mobile Drum