Millenium HD-120 E-Drum Set

 Perfect entry-level model for children and beginners

 Get started right away: including drum stool, headphones and drum sticks

 Compact size: 100 x 60 cm

 Easy to set up

 Maintain your timing with the built-in metronome

❌ It is not possible to put together your own kits

  • Drum kits: 12


Millenium HD-120 E-Drum Set

The most affordable electronic drum kit from Millenium, the HD-120, is primarily designed for children.

Everything for the starting drummer

It offers everything you find on much more expensive instruments, including five velocity-sensitive drum pads, two cymbal pads, a hi-hat, a bass drum controller, a sound module with various drum kits and a sturdy rack.

So that you can start playing drums immediately, the kit comes with a drum stool, headphones and drum sticks.

The Millenium HD-120 is very easy to use, so that even the youngest children can get started right away.

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12 pre-programmed kits

Whatever music you like, you'll find the right sounds in the Millenium HD-120's 12 pre-programmed drum kits.

Additionally, you can connect the kit to your computer via USB, giving you access to a huge selection of software sound libraries. You can also use one amplifier connect to the kit.

With the integrated metronome you always stay in control of your timing.

Fits in any room

With a small surface area of only 100 x 60 cm (stool not included), the Millenium HD-120 fits easily into most children's rooms.

The HD-120's drum and cymbal pads are covered in rubber and provide a playing feel similar to that of acoustic drums. The sound module detects how hard the pads are hit, which provides an authentic and dynamic sound.

Practice without noise pollution

The bass drum controller is equipped with a silent switching mechanism, so you can play to your heart's content without bothering anyone.

The hi-hat controller responds to even the slightest movements of your foot and allows you to achieve different open, semi-open and closed positions.

millennium hd-120

Differences Millenium HD-120 and Millenium MPS-150

Are you looking for an electronic drum kit with more options?

👉 Then check out the Millennium MPS-150, this has a bass drum pedal with beater. The MPS-150 also has slightly larger drum pads.

Millenium HD-120 E-Drum SetMillenium HD-120 E-Drum Set