Electronic Drum Kit Marketplace: Why (Don't) Do It?

electronic drum kit marketplace

If you decide to buy an electronic drum set, there are two options to choose from: a new electronic drum set or a second-hand electronic drum set via Marktplaats. Depending on the situation, both have their pros and cons.

To make a good choice, in this blog we explain the advantages and disadvantages of buying a new or second-hand electronic drum set.

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New Electronic Drum Kit

A new electronic drum set has the advantage that it is completely new and you are the first owner. This means that you have the guarantee that everything works properly and that there is no damage. In addition, new drum kits are often equipped with the latest technology, which will provide you with many functionalities and convenience.

A new drum set will too less maintenance require a second-hand drum set, because all parts are still new and will wear out less quickly.

However, the disadvantage of a new electronic drum set is the price. New drum sets are common more expensive then second-hand drum kits, which can be an important factor if you're on a budget. Additionally, it can be difficult to maintain the value of a new drum set if you want to sell it later.

Electronic Drum Kit Marketplace

If you decide to buy a second-hand electronic drum kit, you can marketplace be a good option if you don't want to spend a lot of money. Second-hand drum sets are common cheaper then new drum sets and you can sometimes enjoy them for a number of years. Moreover, it is possible to find a second-hand drum set that is still in good condition and works fine.

A disadvantage of buying a second-hand electronic drum set is that you do not always know what happened to it. There may be parts worn or damaged After all, wear and tear is not always only visible on the outside. This can then lead to additional costs for any repairs. Moreover, there is not always a warranty on a second-hand drum set and there is no certainty that the drum set will continue to work properly.

If you do decide to buy an electronic drum set second hand, know who you are dealing with and always make good agreements. You can also ask to try out the drum kit first and only decide after a few days whether you actually want to take it over.


Another option to consider when purchasing an electronic drum set is to purchase one B-Stock product. B-Stock products are products that have been returned by previous buyers, then checked and repaired if necessary, before being resold.

B-Stock products are often offered at a lower price than new products, while still being of high quality.

Buying a B-Stock electronic drum kit can be a good idea if you are on a budget but still want to enjoy the benefits of a new drum kit. Because B-Stock products have been checked and repaired, you can be assured that the product is working properly and that any defects have been resolved. In addition, you often still get a warranty on B-Stock products, which offers extra peace of mind when purchasing the product.


The choice between a new and second-hand drum set depends on your own preferences and budget. If you are willing to spend more money and want the latest technology, a new drum kit is the best option.

If you decide to buy an electronic drum set second-hand, you will run a little more risk but will probably spend less money. Then think carefully in advance who you are doing business with and be alert to any defects in the product.

If you are lucky, the electronic drum set you want will be offered in the B-Stock of an online store.

Wondering what you need to know before buying an electronic drum kit? Then read this blog.

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