Millenium MPS-150 E-Drum Set

Affordable electronic drum kit for beginners

 Kit for all ages

 Play along with your favorite music directly via the AUX input

 Maintain your timing with the integrated metronome

 Includes bass drum pedal

❌ Rubber toms cause slightly more noise pollution

  • Sounds: 108
  • Drum kits: 10
  • Songs: 40


Millennium MPS-150

If you want to discover whether drumming is something for you, an electronic drum kit offers a perfect solution. The Millenium MPS-150 is suitable for those who do not want to spend too much money, but still want a nice practice kit.

Just like an acoustic drum set

The Millenium MPS-150 is the perfect all-in-one solution for beginners or children. Featuring five drum pads, crash and ride cymbals and a hi-hat, it mimics the configuration of a standard acoustic drum set.

This means you can easily follow any exercise from videos, books or drum lessons.

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108 different sounds

The drum module is equipped with 10 preconfigured drum kits, offering you a wide range of sounds for every musical style. If you like to experiment, you can also create your own kits using the 108 different sounds.

For an authentic band atmosphere, 40 practice songs have been added to play along with. Would you rather play along with your own music from your smartphone? This can easily be done via the aux input.

Just like on an acoustic drum set, you can open and close the hi-hat using a pedal.

For adults and children

The height and angle of all components can be adjusted to your height. At maximum height, the drum kit is also high enough for adults.

In addition, the kit is very compact with an area of 110 x 80 cm.

The USB connector gives you access to external sounds, which offers endless possibilities.

This kit from Millenium is perfect for beginners who want to get started with electronic drums without spending too much money on their first kit.

millenium mps-150


Differences Millenium MPS-150 and Millenium MPS-150X

There are a number of differences between the Millenium MPS-150 and Millenium MPS-150X:

Mesh heads Snare Kick pedal
MPS-150 No 8” Yes
MPS-150X Yes 10” Yes

The Millennium MPS-150 has an 8″ snare and rubber tom pads.

The Millennium MPS-150X has mesh heads, which play more pleasantly and quietly. The snare is also slightly larger (10″).

Both kits are the same size and have a similar drum module.

Do you want more functions and options? Then check out the Millenium MPS-450 or Millennium MPS-750X.

Millennium MPS-150Millenium MPS-150 E-Drum Set