Roland VAD103 E-Drum Set

Professional and affordable electronic drum kit from Roland


Semi-acoustic design with wooden shells

Compact size

Internal metronome and coaching function

  • Sounds: 143
  • Preset kits: 25
  • User kits: 25


Roland VAD103

The Roland VAD103 is an entry-level model in the V-Drums Acoustic Design series. It is an affordable and complete digital drum kit that captures the atmosphere and feel of a traditional acoustic kit, complete with wooden shallow drum shells.

Roland is known as one of the best (if not the best) brand among electronic drums. Whoever chooses Roland, chooses quality. And you notice that immediately!

Mesh heads from CY series

The kit features a 10″ top tom, 12″ floor tom and 12″ snare drum from the CY series. These toms have double layers mesh head heads and a smart air dampening system in the kick drum to limit noise.

The toms are relatively small in size, but this makes the Roland VAD103 extra compact and suitable for placing anywhere in the house.

Roland TD-07 Drum Module

The TD-07 is an intuitive drum module with 25 preset kits, 25 user kits and 143 sounds so that you as a drummer can experiment endlessly with the right sound.

In addition, you can continue to sharpen your skills with Coach mode and play along with your own music via Bluetooth.

The Roland VAD103 is the drum kit that makes you feel like you're playing a traditional acoustic set, but without waking the neighbors!

Roland TD-17

Differences Roland VAD103 and VAD307

The Roland VAD103 and Roland VAD307 are close in price. The VAD103 is a simple kit, but the VAD307 offers a little more:

The Roland VAD307 features an extra 10" tom and extra 12" crash. The kit also has a more advanced one TD-17 sound module with more features, sounds and effects.

Roland VAD103 E-Drum SetRoland VAD103 E-Drum Set