Yamaha DTX8K-X Real Wood

High-end kit for the professional drummer

 DTX PRO module with Kit Modifier

 Textured Cellular Silicone (TCS) pads

 Birch wood shells with Real Wood design

 Easily record and share with Rec'n'share App

  • Sounds: 400+
  • Preset kits: 30
  • User kits: 200


Yamaha DTX8K-X Real Wood

The Yamaha DTX8K-X is a professional and compact electronic drum kit that offers top-class sounds, comparable to the larger Yamaha DTX10K-X.

Suitable for studio or stage

The kit consists of a 12" snare and 3 x 10" toms. 2 x 13″ crashes and a 15″ ride. All hardware is included: a RS-8 drum rack including tom holder and cymbal arms, as well as a hi-hat and snare stand.

This kit is perfect for studio practice or recording, but also suitable for dazzling on stage.

400 realistic sounds

The engine of the Yamaha DTX8K-X is the DTX PRO drum module that contains over 400 realistic sounds and 40 preset kits. There is room for no fewer than 200 user kits that you can put together yourself.

These sounds were recorded from a real sampled room ambiance, recorded in world-renowned studios. The sound is therefore many times more realistic compared to kits from a lower price segment.

Rec'n'Share App

The DTX-PRO is compatible with the Rec'n'Share iOS/Android app, so you can play along with music tracks and practice your songs efficiently.

This app offers innovative options including easy sound sharing. The app makes it easy to change the tempo of a song or add a click track to make practicing even more efficient.

Yamaha DTX8K-X

From those 400 instruments, you can also add the sound of the room in which the instrument is recorded, giving you a much more vibrant sound.

The batter heads of the Yamaha DTX8K-X are Textured Silicone Pads. This unique playing surface is made of Yamaha's TCS material, which detects your strokes even more accurately. This makes accents and ghost notes stand out even better.

Differences DTX8 and DTX10 series

There are a number of differences between the DTX8 and DTX10 series. For example, the DTX8 takes up slightly less space and has a more modest drum module.

Module Pads Bluetooth
DTX8K-M PRO Mesh heads No
DTX8K-X PRO Textured Silicone No
DTX10K-M PROX Mesh heads Yes
DTX10K-X PROX Textured Silicone Yes

The DTX8K has a 7.5” kick pad, the DTX10K has a larger one KP128 bass drum pad.

In addition, the DTX10K has larger cymbal pads (13", 13", 15" and 17"). The DTX8K's cymbal pads are smaller (13", 13", 13" and 15").

Yamaha DTX8K-X RWYamaha DTX8K-X Real Wood