Alesis Command Mesh Special Edition

 Versatile kit for beginning and experienced drummers

 Mesh heads for a more realistic playing feel and limited noise pollution

 Extensive sound library: 671 sounds

 Get started right away: including bass drum pedal and drum sticks

USB MIDI interface for direct connection to PC or Mac

❌ Hi-hat pedal without hi-hat stand

  • Sounds: 671
  • Preset kits: 54
  • User kits: 20
  • Songs: 70


Alesis Command Mesh Special Edition

The Alesis Command Mesh Special Edition is an all-round electronic drum kit that is suitable for beginners and advanced players.

All-in drum kit with mesh heads

The kit offers a pleasant playing experience, which is largely due to the mesh drum pads that feel and play naturally like acoustic drums.

All mounted on a premium four-post rack, the Alesis Command Mesh Special Edition delivers everything you need to start drumming straight away.

The Alesis Command Mesh Special Edition has large pads with tightly woven mesh drum heads.

Dual zone snare and toms

The 10″ snare and 8″ tom pads are all dual-zone, meaning you get two different sounds per pad – one sound on the mesh head and another on the rim.

You can use this to perform rim shots or program additional percussion sounds around the kit.

The 8" mesh kick drum pad is built to last, with a large surface area that works great with the included kick pedal, but also fits easily with a double pedal if that's your style.

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Advanced drum module

The drum module of the Alesis Command Mesh Special Edition has all the features a drummer needs to sound good. There are 74 kits (54 preset kits and 20 user kits) and 671 sounds covering a variety of genres and styles.

Do you have a favorite drum sound you want to use? The Command Advanced Drum Module allows you to add your own drum samples via USB, so you can create your own unique kits.

You can also record your performance directly to the module, with up to 5 internal tracks or 99 with a USB stick.

alesis command mesh special edition

Differences Alesis Command and Alesis Surge

At a glance they differ Alesis Command Mesh Special Edition and the Alesis Surge Mesh Special Edition little from each other. To a large extent that is correct: the rack and the pads are the same.

Number of sounds Number of kits Drum module
Surge Mesh 385 40 Surge
Command Mesh 671 74 Advanced

The module of the Command Mesh contains almost double the sounds and is slightly more powerful. The kit also looks sleeker and more professional.

The Surge Mesh contains considerably fewer preset kits and sounds, so that is also reflected in the price.

Which kit appeals to you more? Judge yourself: Alesis Surge Mesh Special Edition.

alesis command mesh special editionAlesis Command Mesh Special Edition