Roland TD-50KV2 V-Drums Kit

 Professional electronic drum kit with a sleek design

 Premium Roland MDS-Stage 2 compact drum rack

 High end Roland TD-50X drum module

 Unprecedentedly realistic sounds thanks to Prismatic Sound Modeling

 Metronome with “Quiet-Count” function

  • Sounds: 400+
  • Kits: 100


Roland TD-50KV2

If you're looking for a professional electronic drum kit, the Roland TD-50KV2 is an excellent choice for experienced drummers and producers.

Roland's flagship

The drum kit has high-quality construction and a host of built-in features to meet all your needs.

With the TD-50X drum module, which combines Roland's latest technologies, every detail of your playing is captured thanks to the new Prismatic Sound Modeling Technology. The module has 100 different drum kits.

This advanced drum module has more than 400 sounds and 100 different kits as standard.

Acoustic design

The kit comes with a 14″ crash, 16″ crash and 18″ ride from the CY series. These cymbal pads feel unprecedentedly realistic thanks to a new design, lighter and thinner design.

The 14″ PD-140DS snare drum is of realistic size and is mounted on a standard snare stand. This three-layer mesh head snare pad offers a realistic response and is indistinguishable in appearance from an acoustic snare.

Roland TD-50

Differences Roland TD-50K2 and TD-50KV2

Besides the price, there are a number of differences between the Roland TD-50K2 and Roland TD-50KV2:

Kick Toms Rack Cymbals
TD-50K2 14″ 10” 10” 10” MDS-GRAND2 14” 16” 18”
TD-50KV2 18″ 10” 10” 12” 12” MDS INTERNSHIP2 14” 16” 18”

👉 The Roland TD-50K2 comes with 3 toms, the PDX-100 of 10″. The rack is the black MDS-GRAND2 rack from Roland.

👉 The Roland TD-50KV2 has an extra tom, namely 2 PD-108-BC top toms and 2 PD-128-BC floor toms. This kit also comes with the chrome premium MDS-STAGE2 rack.

Both kits have the TD-50X module and the same cymbal pads.

👉 Did you know that this kit is also available in acoustic design? Look at Roland VAD507.

Roland TD-50KV2Roland TD-50KV2 V-Drums Kit