Donner DED-200 E-Drum Set

 All-round electronic drum kit

 The mesh heads play more realistically than rubber pads

 Space-saving and easy to fold

 450 drum and percussion sounds

 Expandable with extra tom and/or crash pad


Donner DED-200

Are you looking for an electronic drum set without unnecessary functions and do you not want to pay too much money? Then the Donner DED-200 is a very suitable choice.

Upgrade from DED-100

The Donner DED-200 is an all-round electronic drum kit for beginning drummers and is an upgrade of the Donner DED-100. The kit is suitable for novice drummers, but experienced drummers can also work on their grooves with this kit.

Unique to this kit is the model that is easy to fold, so you can easily put the kit aside when not in use. Perfect for small (children's) rooms.

Double layer mesh heads

Thanks to the double layer mesh heads the kit produces less noise for the environment in contrast to kits with rubber pads. The toms and snare also have better rebound, which makes drumming feel more realistic.

With a size of 8″, the playing surface of the snare and toms is large enough and at the same time space-saving.

450 drum and percussion sounds

With 31 kits and 450 drum sounds, ranging from modern kits to classic sounds, drumming behind the Donner DED-200 will always be fun.

The module is easy to operate and contains sufficient functions for the novice drummer, such as metronome and coaching functions.

Easy to expand

The Donner DED-200 comes with 2 crashes and 3 toms. You can easily upgrade the kit by adding an extra cymbal and tom, which will give you more playing freedom.

The package comes with a drum stool and headphones, so you can start playing right away!

Differences DED-200, DED-200X and DED-200 MAX

In addition to the Donner DED-200, two more upgrades are available:

Deeper boilers Cymbals Snare
DED-200 No 10”, 10” 8”
DED-200X No 10”, 10”, 10” 8”
DED-200 MAX Yes 12”, 12” 10”

The difference between the DED-200 and the DED-200X is that the DED-200X contains an extra crash.

The Donner DED-200 MAX has a completely new design with 8" x 3" shells and larger cymbals.

Donner DED-200Donner DED-200 E-Drum Set