Efnote 5 E-Drum Set

 High-end electronic drum kit for professional use

Beautiful acoustic design that matches any interior

 Powerful module with aluminum housing, Bluetooth and touch screen module

 Ideal for smaller spaces

 Unique to electronic drums: includes a splash cymbal

❌ Relatively small floor tom

  • Sounds: 98
  • Preset kits: 17
  • User kits: 83
  • Songs: 15


Efnote 5

When you play the first notes on a Efnote, you notice it immediately: this is different than usual. Efnote's kits play so realistically that even with your eyes closed you won't realize it is an electronic drum kit.

With a clean pure white sparkle finish and elegant warm-grey colored cymbals, the design fits perfectly with any interior style.

Innovative acoustic design

Efnote is the current leader in the field of electronic drums with impressive designs.

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The kit takes up the least space compared to other Efnote kits (surface area 90 x 140 cm).

Easy to expand

The drum set is also expandable to a 5-piece shell and 5-piece cymbal set, giving you even more options to create your own sound.

Efnote's kits are built in such a way that the difference with an acoustic drum set is minimal. Even the sounds in the module are for 99% acoustic drum sounds!

3D hi-hat detection

With its pioneering technology, Efnote is the world's first producer to record hi-hat movements in 3D. It also uses Tru-Motion™ technology to create extra realistic-sounding cymbals.

For training, the drum kit includes a multifunctional metronome with LED indicator, drum recording function, Stroke Analyzer and rhythm box function with more than 90 basic drum beats for inspiration.

Stroke Scope/Analyzer and setlist function

The kit offers many functions, including a built-in speaker with metronome but also a Stroke Scope to continue developing yourself.

With the Stroke Scope you play a groove that the module then quickly converts into sheet music that immediately appears on the screen.

The Stroke Analyzer evaluates how accurately you play, with a maximum score of 100%. Perfect for working on your timing!

The kit is also suitable for live performances, thanks to the setlist function that allows you to configure the order of the drums for each song.

Bluetooth and Efnote Tools app

For recording and small performances, the drum kit offers USB audio outputs, analog audio outputs, MIDI output and Bluetooth connectivity.

With the Efnote Tools App you can remotely control the drum kit and adjust the user settings.

You won't get any closer to the feeling of playing an acoustic kit!

efnote 5

Differences between Efnote 5 and Efnote 5X

The Efnote 5 and Efnote 5X appear different at first glance, but contain the same module. The differences:

Surface Design Additional 16” crash Additional 13” tom
Efnote 5 90 x 140 cm White Sparkle No No
Efnote 5X 110 x 170 cm Black Oak Yes Yes

👉 The Efnote 5 comes in the “White Sparkle” design and has 2 toms (10″ and 12″). With dimensions of 16″ and 18″, the crash and ride are relatively large.

👉 The Efnote 5X Includes an additional 13" floor tom and 16" crash cymbal. This kit gives you more freedom to play. The Efnote 5X comes in the color “Black Oak”.

Both kits feature an 8″ splash cymbal, which is unique for an electronic kit.

Efnote 5Efnote 5 E-Drum Set