Alesis Nitro Max Kit

New kit from Alesis (October 2023)

 Bluetooth and USB

 Large 10" snare pad

 Compact electronic drum kit with good price-quality ratio

 Expandable with Expansion Pack

  • Sounds: 440
  • Preset kits: 32
  • User kits: 16
  • Songs: 60


Alesis Nitro Max Kit

Published in October 2023, Alesis Nitro Max Kit offers the solution for novice musicians who want to discover whether drumming is for them.

Brand new Alesis kit

Are you looking for an electronic drum set without unnecessary functions for a reasonable price? Perhaps this kit from Alesis is something for you.

The Alesis Nitro Max is an electronic drum kit with realistic-feeling mesh drumheads. Mesh heads provide a pleasant playing experience and at the same time reduce noise pollution for the environment.

Unlike other budget electronic drum kits, the Alesis Nitro Max Kit has a separate bass drum pedal, which immediately makes playing a lot more realistic.

Complete kit

Included in the box is a 10″ snare drum, 3x 8″ toms, 3x 10″ cymbals, a kick drum pad, plus kick and hi-hat pedals. And of course you also get all the cables, a sturdy stand, sticks and a drum key.

The Alesis Nitro Max Kit contains a comprehensive collection of realistic drum and percussion sounds incorporated into a powerful and easy-to-use drum module.

If you want to discover whether drumming suits you, the Alesis Nitro Max Kit is a great solution for a good price.

Easy to expand

Plus, the Nitro Max drum kit is ready to grow as you improve, thanks to built-in expandable outputs for the optional Nitro Max Expansion Pack. This adds an extra tom and cymbal to your kit.

alesis nitro max kit

Differences Alesis Turbo Mesh and Alesis Nitro Max

The prices of the Turbo Mesh and the Nitro Max are close to each other, so we would like to explain the differences:

Snare Bass drum knock pedal Make your own kits Bluetooth
Alesis Turbo Mesh 8” No No No
Alesis Nitro Max 10” Yes Yes Yes

👉 The Alesis Turbo Mesh Kit features a snare drum and toms of 8″, the cymbals are 10″. The module has 120 drum sounds. The rack has 2 legs, which can make the kit feel a little more unstable.

👉 The Alesis Nitro Max has a slightly larger snare (10″), has no fewer than 440 drum sounds and has access to Bluetooth and Performance Recorder. In addition, the kit can be expanded with an Expansion Pack.

alesis nitro maxAlesis Nitro Max Kit