Millennium MD-90 Mobile Drum

 Create your own grooves with this portable drum kit

 No fewer than 265 percussion sounds

 Perfect gift for a budding drummer

 Includes Kick and Hihat “taster” (pedals)

 Easy to store and carry

❌ Connecting a smartphone is not possible

  • Sounds: 265
  • Preset kits: 45
  • User kits: 5
  • Songs: 100


Millennium MD-90 Mobile Drum

Do you want to start playing drums, but you don't have enough space for a drum kit? Or do you not want to use the space for it?

Or are you an experienced drummer and do you want an easy way to practice?

Then the Millenium MD-90 Mobile Drum the ideal solution for you.

Compact and mobile electronic drum kit

This kit is a portable electronic drum set that fits easily in any suitcase. Playing drums on the go or whenever you feel like it is now super easy!

The Millenium MD-90 Mobile Drum comes with two footswitches so you can also control the kick drum and hi-hat pedal.

50 unique drum kits

The module offers 50 drum kits, five of which are freely programmable. It also contains 100 practice songs and play-along patterns. The integrated metronome and recording functions are essential tools for practicing.

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With its sturdy plastic housing, the Millenium MD-90 Mobile Drum measures just 50 x 37 x 15.7 cm and weighs just over 3kg.

The handy thing about this kit is that you can use it anywhere by simply placing it on the table or another surface.

Integrated speakers

The kit runs on batteries or the included power supply, so you can play anywhere. With the integrated speakers and 265 sounds, the MD-90 is ready to improve your drumming skills.

Additionally, you can use the USB port to connect it to your computer and record drum tracks.

Suitable for beginners

If drumming sounds interesting to you, but you're not sure if a "real" electronic kit is right for you, the Millenium MD-90 Mobile Drum is a very affordable way to discover and explore the world of drumming. learn to play drums.

The seven pads are velocity-sensitive, meaning they respond to the strength of your stroke. The included foot switches offer the option to use the kit as a full-fledged drum kit.

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Differences Millenium MD-90 and Millenium MD-100

An upgrade has been available since November 2023: the Millennium MD-100. We briefly explain the differences:

Sounds AUX Attach to snare stand Pads
MD-90 265 No No 7
MD-100 665 Yes Yes 8

👉 The Millennium MD-90 contains 265 sounds and slightly fewer functions. Unfortunately, connecting your smartphone is also not possible. This Portable Kit is slightly cheaper.

👉 The Millennium MD-100 contains over 665 sounds and multiple functions and can be connected to a power bank. Connecting your smartphone is also possible. In addition, the kit is easy to attach to a snare stand.

Compared to a full-fledged drum kit, the position of the pads on the MD-100 is also more logical.

Millennium MD-90 Mobile DrumMillennium MD-90 Mobile Drum