Gear4Music Digital Drums 550

Compact electronic drum kit for beginning drummers

Upgrade from Gear4Music Digital Drums 520

329 high quality sounds

More playing freedom with extra crash cymbal

Real kick drum and real hi-hat pedal

Gear4Music Digital Drums 550

Are you a beginner looking for a high-quality and affordable electronic drum set? Search no further!

The Gear4Music Digital Drums 550 is an electronic drum kit that meets all the needs of the novice drummer and is also available at an attractive price.

Suitable for beginners

The Gear4Music Digital Drums 550, which is similar to the Donner DED-100, is a compact electronic drum kit with the features you would expect from a kit for beginners.

This kit is an upgrade from the 500 and 520 and offers more than you would expect from an electronic drum kit in this price category.

Dual zone mesh heads

The kit features a 10" mesh head snare and no less than four 10" mesh head toms. Mesh heads are specially developed mesh heads that provide a realistic response and also produce less noise to the environment.

The pads also have a sensor on the edge that you can assign to a sound of your own preference, for example a tambourine or cowbell.

Realistic 12″ cymbals with choke

The cymbals – a 12″ hi-hat, crash and ride – provide an authentic playing feeling thanks to the double zone. The cymbals therefore produce different sounds depending on where you hit the pad, just like acoustic cymbals.

A nice and indispensable addition is the choke function, which means that the cymbals are muted when you pick them up.

Because the cymbals have a size of 12″, you will notice that this plays much more pleasantly and realistically than smaller cymbals such as with other kits.

Real kick drum and advanced module

Unique to the Gear4Music Digital Drums 550 is the availability of a real kick drum pedal. This plays more realistically compared to a trigger (such as the Gear4Music Digital Drums 500).

In addition, this kit has an extra cymbal, so in addition to the ride you also have 2 crashes at your disposal.

The module of the Gear4Music Digital Drums 550 is simply designed and easy to operate. With more than 300 sounds that are all individually customizable, you can easily put together your own kits.

Differences Gear4Music Digital Drums 500, 520 and 550

There are a number of differences between the Gear4Music Digital Drums 500, 520 and 550, shown below:

Kick Hi-hat Cymbals Toms
500 Trigger Trigger 10” 10” 10” 8” 8” 8” 8”
520 Real pedal Trigger 10” 10” 10” 10” 8” 8” 8” 8”
550 Real pedal Real pedal 12” 12” 12” 12” 10” 10” 10” 10” 10”
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