Zildjian Alchem-E Gold E-Drum Kit

 Latest innovation in electronic drums

 Modern E-Vault Module with Bluetooth

 Cymbals with recognizable Zildjian sound

 Acoustic design with Black Gold Foundry Shimmer finish

 Includes Pearl cymbal stands

Zildjian Alchem-E Gold

You know Zildjian undoubtedly as one of the best known brands of cymbals. In 2024, Zildjian shows a completely different side of himself with the release of the Alchem-E series: the latest innovation in electronic drum sets.

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Next level electronic drum set

With the Zildjian Alchem-E Gold, the brand brings acoustic and electronic drumming surprisingly close together. This kit has the look and feel of an acoustic kit, but saves you the... noise disturbance of an acoustic kit.

What is immediately noticeable is that the cymbals have the same color as real cymbals. Where most electronic kits have black cymbal pads (or in the case of Efnote: gray), Zildjian's cymbals are also indistinguishable from the real thing.

In addition, the Zildjian Alchem-E Gold comes with Pearl's high-quality tripods, which are known for their strength and stability.

Full size toms and cymbals

Zildjian has clearly paid attention to the fantastic design, making the Zildjian Alchem-E Gold perfect to shine on stage.

All shells are full size, with the two “Gold” versions featuring the most realistic size of toms compared to “Bronze”.

High-end E-Vault Module with Bluetooth

The module that these kits come with, the Zildjian E-Vault, has a premium and high-end appearance. With its black housing and gold buttons, the module fits nicely with the rest of the design.

The E-Vault is equipped with Bluetooth so you can easily connect your smartphone. The module contains a rich range of sounds including, of course, the iconic sound of Zildjian cymbals.

Expanding the Zildjian Alchem-E Gold is easy and offers sufficient options with up to 6 tom inputs and 6 cymbal inputs.

zildjian alchem-e

Differences Alchem-E Bronze EX, Gold E and Gold EX

The 3 kits in the Zildjian Alchem-E series contain attack differences, shown in the table below:

Module Toms Cymbals Bass drum
Bronze E E-Vault 10”, 10”, 12” 16”, 18” 18” x 7.5”
Gold E-Vault 10”, 14” 16”, 20” 18” x 12”
Gold EX E-Vault 10”, 12”, 14” 16”, 20”, 18” 20” x 14”

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