Alesis Debut Kit

Perfect kit for beginners
Also very suitable for children
Maintain your timing with the built-in metronome
Get started right away: Included drum stool, drum sticks and headphones
Compact size: space saving!

➖Toms have a small playing surface of 6″

  • Sounds: 120
  • Drum kits: 10


Alesis Debut Kit

Do you want to start playing drums, but have no idea where to start?

Flying start

Meet the Alesis Debut Kit, a complete electronic drum kit for every novice drummer. This kit comes with everything you need to get your drumming career started.

The kit includes compact rubber tom pads and more realistically sized 10″ cymbal pads. The kick drum and hi-hat are controlled by responsive foot pedals that can be easily stored away when not in use.

The adjustable drum throne and headphones provide comfort for players of all ages. The kit is therefore also very suitable for children!

Complete drum module

The heart of the Alesis Debut Kit is the feature-rich sound module. The included sound module has 10 classic and modern drum kit presets, specially designed by Alesis.

The sound module can be connected to an external sound system or an amplifier such as the Alesis Strike Amp 12 (sold separately), or you can plug in your headphones for truly quiet and private practice.

The Alesis Debut Kit's sound module also features an integrated drum coach with 30 play-along tracks and specially designed rhythm exercises to build and improve your skills.

Play along to your favorite music

In addition, you can easily play along with your favorite music via Spotify or YouTube thanks to the AUX connection.

The Alesis Debut Kit is fully equipped and will give your drumming career a flying start.

Are you looking for higher quality kit with more advanced features?

👉 Then take a look at the Alesis Turbo Mesh Kit, Alesis Nitro Max Kit. These kits include pads with a larger playing surface and more extensive modules.

Alesis Debut KitAlesis Debut Kit