GEWA G9 Pro 5 SE Walnut Burst

GEWA G9 Workstation Module with 10″ Direct Touch Interface

 High-end electronic drum kit

Cymbal pads including stop function and 360° playing surface

High resolution samples recorded at Berlin's Funkhaus Studios

Bluetooth audio and MIDI

  • Sounds: 901
  • Preset kits: 40
  • User kits: 128


GEWA G9 Pro 5 SE Walnut Burst

The GEWA G9 Pro 5 SE Walnut Burst is a high-quality high-end electronic drum kit designed for professional drummers and advanced players.

GEWA: Next Level Drums

GEWA is a somewhat unknown brand among electronic drums, but is certainly not inferior in terms of quality.

They produce electronic drums according to the latest standards combined with traditional craftsmanship. And you will notice that immediately while playing!

Premium acoustic design

This designer drum kit offers a realistic playing experience with five quiet and responsive drum pads, three cymbal pads and a hi-hat controller.

All dimensions of the GEWA G9 Pro 5 SE Walnut Burst coming exactly matches an acoustic kit, so you hardly notice that you are playing an electronic drum kit.

WiFi and Bluetooth

The kit is equipped with a powerful module with more than 900 different sounds and 40 pre-programmed drum kits. This mhigh-resolution ulti-layer samples were recorded at, among others, the Funkhaus Studios in Berlin.

Your own sound can be completely created with the eeffect banks Ambient, Instrument Reverb, Room Reverb, Multi-FX. 

The GEWA G9 Pro 5 SE Walnut Burst offers advanced connectivity options, including Bluetooth for audio and MIDI, making it easy to play along to music via Spotify or YouTube.

GEWA G9 Pro 5 SE Natural

Differences G9 Club 5, G9 Club 6 and G9 Pro

The G9 Club is available in two models (5 and 6). The G9 Pro is available in 3 different designs: Natural, Silver and Walnut Burst. Below you can see the differences:

Deep boilers Bass drum Toms Module
G9 Club 5 No 18” 3 G9
G9 Club 6 No 18” 4 G9
G9 Pro Yes 20” 3 G9

The GEWA G9 Club 5 and GEWA G9 Club 6 are virtually identical to each other, but with the GEWA G9 Club 6 you receive 1 extra floor tom.

The GEWA G9 series is also available as a “Pro” model, which has a larger bass drum and deeper shells. View the different designs here: Natural, Silver and Walnut Burst.

Gewa G9 Pro 5 SE Walnut BurstGEWA G9 Pro 5 SE Walnut Burst