Alesis Surge Mesh Special Edition

Complete electronic drum kit for beginners and advanced players

Clear drum module with 385 sounds

Maintain your timing with the integrated metronome

 Includes bass drum pedal

 Excellent price / quality ratio

❌ Hi-hat pedal without hi-hat stand

  • Sounds: 385
  • Preset kits: 24
  • User kits: 16
  • Songs: 60


Alesis Surge Mesh Special Edition

The Alesis Surge Mesh Special Edition is an electronic drum kit that offers everything musicians need to learn to play drums quickly: inspiring sounds and a sturdy drum kit from a brand trusted by professionals worldwide: Alesis.

For every level

This eight-piece kit includes mesh head drum pads, a large mesh kick drum pad with pedal, three cymbals and a hi-hat pedal.

The included Surge Drum Module contains hundreds of inspiring classic and modern drum sounds, as well as popular training features such as 60 play-along tracks, a metronome and a built-in performance recorder.

Experienced drummers know that mesh drumheads are exceptionally quiet and provide the most natural playing experience on an electronic drum kit.

The kit is equipped with a 10" snare pad, three 8" tom pads and an 8" mesh kick drum pad.

The kick drum pad has a large surface that is pleasant to play with the included kick pedal, but is also suitable for a double bass pedal.

40 kits and 385 sounds

The Alesis Surge Mesh Special Edition module comes with 40 classic and modern ready-to-use kits.

You can easily customize any existing kit or create your own using the 385 inspiring drum, cymbal and percussion sounds built into the module.

The backlit LCD screen makes navigation a breeze. Drum and cymbal buttons are arranged to imitate the layout of a traditional kit, making it easy to assign sounds and quickly create kits.

Endless practice

There are also learning options such as 60 play-along music tracks and a metronome to build timing and accuracy. Playing along with music via Spotify or YouTube is easy via the AUX connection.

Everything is supported by a sturdy rack. This rack even folds up for easy storage – perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, playrooms or other areas where space is limited.

alesis surge mesh special edition

Differences Alesis Command and Alesis Surge

At a glance, the Alesis Command Mesh Special Edition and the Alesis Surge Mesh Special Edition differ little from each other. To a large extent that is correct: the rack and the pads are the same.

Number of sounds Number of kits Drum module
Surge Mesh 385 40 Surge
Command Mesh 671 74 Advanced

The module of the Command Mesh contains almost double the sounds and is slightly more powerful. The kit also looks sleeker and more professional.

The Surge Mesh contains considerably fewer preset kits and sounds, so that is also reflected in the price.

Which kit appeals to you more? Judge yourself: Alesis Command Mesh Special Edition.

alesis surge mesh special editionAlesis Surge Mesh Special Edition