Donner DED-400 E-Drum Set

 Suitable for the novice and experienced drummer

 Expandable with extra tom and cymbal

 10" snare pad

 Create your favorite kit with 400 sounds

 12″ cymbals with choke function


Donner DED-400

The Donner DED-400 is an electronic drum kit that contains slightly more functions than its predecessor, the Donner DED-300.

This kit is suitable for all levels and gives you the opportunity to play drums quietly thanks to its innovation American manufacturer.

Pads that you can tune

The Donner DED-400 is a stable kit with sturdy mesh head pads. With a size of 12″, the hi-hat is slightly larger than the DED-300. The other cymbals have remained the same size.

Unique to this kit is the ability to tune the toms and snare. This will not affect the sound, but you can completely adjust it to your own playing style and create the perfect rebound (rebound of the stick at the touch).

10″ snare and cymbals with choke function

This electronic drum kit comes with a 10" snare and 3 x 8" toms. The snare is the most used pad and that is why it is nice that it is a bit larger. The 8" toms keep the kit compact.

The cymbals have a choke function, so that they are muted (just like an acoustic cymbal) when they are picked up.

Module with all functions

This kit has all the functions you need as a novice or experienced drummer, such as: metronome, recording function, coach function, 50 demo songs and various effects. The kit is also perfect for... learn to play drums.

With 25 kits and 400 sounds, you will feel at home in any genre. You can optionally use the effects to customize the sound to your own taste.

Do you want to further expand the Donner DED-400? You have the option to add an extra crash and tom pad.

Get started right away

The kit comes with drum stool, sticks, cables and headphones so you can start playing straight away.

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donner ded-400Donner DED-400 E-Drum Set