Millenium MPS-750X PRO Review

Rating: 4.3 / 5

Imagine the feeling of a classic drum kit combined with the power of an electronic drum kit. The result is the recently published Millenium MPS-750X PRO. This electronic drum set, released in 2023, seems to be the perfect combination of two worlds and is available for less than 800 dollars.

Looking at the specs it seems too good to be true. Yet Millenium is known for supplying drum sets with great value for money.

In this blog we examine the new Millenium MPS-750X Pro, describe the pros and cons and end with purchasing advice.

Acoustic design

At first glance, the Millenium MPS-750X Pro looks like a traditional acoustic drum kit, complete with real wooden shells and a full hardware set. On stage, the kit would be barely distinguishable from “the real thing”.

The shells are realistically sized: an 18″ kick, 13″ snare and 10″, 12″ and 14″ toms. This means sufficient playing surface and at the same time space saving. The color is Black Sparkle which fits well with any interior.

Millennium MPS-750X Pro module

With an extensive sound library, including acoustic drums, electronic sounds and percussion instruments, the Millenium MPS-750X Pro contains no less than 697 sounds to select from.

There are 20 kits set as standard and there is room for 20 kits that you can put together yourself. The kit is therefore comparable to the Millennium MPS-750X.

Moreover, you can create your own sound with equalizer, reverb and various effects. With the sliders you can easily adjust the volume of the individual parts of your kit, so you get the most out of your drum kit.

The MPS-750X Module is also available separately:

Integrated Bluetooth

But that's not all: just like the Millennium MPS-750X and Millenium MPS-1000, this kit includes Bluetooth. This way you can easily play along with your favorite music from your tablet or smartphone and there is no hassle with extra cables.

The difference between the MPS-750X Pro and the MPS-1000 is that the MPS-1000 has larger toms, an extra cymbal and an extra floor tom. For 200 euros more you have a kit with slightly more options. In addition, the MPS-1000 is available in three different designs.

Authentic feeling

Like the standard MPS-750X, the Pro version has mesh heads (mesh heads) on all drums. These woven heads, which are the same size as those of acoustic drum kits, protect your wrists but also give you the feeling of playing on regular heads.

You can easily adjust the tension to your needs using a tuning key. All drum pads, including the 13" hi-hat and the 15" crash cymbal, have trigger zones on the rim and playing surface, and the 18" ride cymbal even has a third zone on the bell.

Flexible and expandable

If you want to expand your drum kit at some point, the Millenium MPS-750X Pro module offers two trigger inputs for extra toms or cymbals.

The USB port offers the possibility to connect the module to a computer and integrate it into recording software or use sounds from a professional sound library. This way the possibilities are endless.

If you want to pay more attention to editing the sounds, you can easily do this on your computer using the very extensive Kit Editor on the Millenium website.

💡 NB: Only the Millennium MPS-750X “Bundle” Comes with sticks, headphones and drum stool.

Pros and cons

In conclusion, the Millenium MPS-750X PRO comes with some advantages and disadvantages.

At a glance, the kit already looks very good thanks to the acoustic look. Unlike the MPS-1000, this kit is unfortunately only available in 1 color.

The kit comes with 1 crash, but fortunately there are 2 extra trigger inputs with which you can expand the kit with an extra tom and/or cymbal.


  • Very good value for money
  • Acoustic design with wooden shells
  • Bluetooth
  • Includes hardware and kick pedal
  • Easy to expand with additional pads


  • Available in 1 color
  • Contains only 1 crash
  • Number of pre-programmed kits is a bit on the low side
  • Small screen on the drum module


For less than 800 euros, the price-quality ratio of this kit remains very good. You won't find an electronic drum kit with these specifications and for this price anywhere else.

It may be worth it to free up your budget and take the Millenium MPS-1000, in consideration. For an extra 200 dollars you get an extra tom and cymbal, a more extensive drum module, larger toms, 40 preset kits and a choice of 3 designs.

Also check out some other electronic drums from Millenium: MPS-450, MPS-750X and MPS-850.

Curious about other kits with an acoustic design? Look at: Roland VAD504, Efnote 5 and Gewa G3 Club SE 5.