Efnote Mini

 High-end electronic drum kit from market leader Efnote

 Minimum size, maximum performance

 Very space-saving: only 115 x 70 cm

 The hardware can be set lower for children

 Bluetooth, USB-C and MIDI

  • Sounds: 98
  • Preset kits: 12
  • User kits: 8


Efnote Mini

Wie ooit achter een Efnote gezeten heeft zal het hiermee eens zijn: Efnote biedt niet zomaar een elektronisch drumstel, maar het drummen op een Efnote is echt een ervaring.

Zelfs met je ogen dicht merk je niet dat je achter een elektronisch drumstel zit, zo realistisch speelt het.

Space-saving drum set

The Efnote Mini, which is even more compact than the Efnote 5, is the latest electronic drum kit from Efnote, the current market leader in electronic drums.

This compact drum kit fits in any situation and is ideal for small performances, such as weddings, jazz clubs or cafes.

The kit comes with 12″ hi-hat, 8″ splash/crash and 16″ ride. There is also room for expansion by adding a 14" crash or 18" ride and an extra tom.

High-end drum module with Bluetooth

This new kit is equipped with the most advanced features of the moment, which are incorporated into the extensive Efnote drum module. The silver finished shells give the kit a professional look.

Would you rather practice at home? Then simply connect your smartphone via Bluetooth to play along with your favorite music.

Kit for all ages

Thanks to the easy-to-adjust hardware, the kit can be lowered so that even the youngest drummers can work on their musicality.

efnote mini

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efnote miniEfnote Mini