Fame DD-6600 E-Drum Set

Designer electronic drum kit for the novice drummer

Mesh heads on the snare and toms

Maintain your timing with the metronome (30 – 280 BPM)

Expandable with 2 extra tom and cymbal pads

DBT: Double Bass Trigger

  • Sounds: 408
  • Preset kits: 30
  • User kits: 10
  • Songs: 80


Fame DD-6600 E-Drum Set

Fame offers attractively priced kits with the DD-6600 that are slightly more extensive than the DD-5500 Pro.

Suitable for beginners

The Fame DD-6600 is an electronic drum kit that has the basic functions that novice drummers need.

Visually, this electronic drum kit corresponds to the Millenium MPS-450 and this kit is also comparable in terms of module.

The kit consists of 3 toms (mesh), 1 snare (mesh), 3 cymbals (incl. hi-hat) and a kick pad with kick pedal. The latter is a pleasant advantage and plays much nicer than a kick controller.

Mesh head pads and choke cymbals

Unlike the Fame DD-5500 Pro, the Fame DD-6600 has mesh heads.

This makes playing feel more realistic and the kit produces less noise pollution. Very nice for your neighbors or housemates!

The Fame DD-6600 cymbals have a choke function, which means that the cymbals will dampen when picked up (just like with real cymbals).

Includes kick pedal

Thanks to the included kick pedal, you can start playing immediately. Would you rather use your own kick pedal or a double bass pedal? Of course that is also possible.

Module with 408 sounds

The included module has slightly fewer sounds than the DD-5500 Pro, namely 408. Still, this number is more than sufficient for the average drummer.

The module comes standard with 30 preset kits. You can give free rein to your creativity and put together 10 kits yourself.

Naturally, the module has an AUX input so you can easily play along with your favorite music via YouTube or Spotify.

Differences between Fame DD-5500 Pro and Fame DD-6600

There are a number of differences between the DD-5500 and DD-6600:

Pads Snare Trigger inputs
DD-5500 Rubber 8” 0
DD-6600 Mesh 10” 2

The DD-5500 has rubber pads, an 8″ snare pad and cannot be expanded with additional toms or cymbals.

The DD-6600 is expandable and comes with a 10" snare and mesh heads.

fame dd6600 e-drum setFame DD-6600 E-Drum Set