Millenium MPS-850 VS Millenium MPS-1000

During your search for a suitable one electronic drum kit for beginners you might be the Millenium MPS-850 and the Millennium MPS-1000 arrived. Both kits are from the Millenium brand, the house brand of Thomann, the largest musical instrument store in Europe.

The MPS-850 and MPS-1000 are both kits that are suitable for drummers of all levels. In this comparison we explain the similarities and differences between both drum sets.

Millenium MPS-850

The Millenium MPS-850 is the brand's most popular electronic drum kit. The kit has many specifications for an attractive price.

First of all, the Millenium MPS-850 has a real kick drum pedal, or a kick pedal that kicks against the pad, just like an acoustic drum kit. The hi-hat is also a separate hi-hat pedal, just like an acoustic drum kit.

The kit contains more cymbals than you would expect from an electronic drum kit 4 cymbals of 12″. The crashes have 2 zones and the ride 3, so you also get the authentic bell sound. The cymbals also have a choke function (mute when picked up).

Thanks to mesh head toms and snare, the blows on the pads feel more realistic and also produce less noise pollution. The snare is even 10″.

With the Millenium MPS-850 you get a module with 550 drum sounds. There are 30 preset kits, and you can configure 20 of your own kits. In addition, the module is equipped with integrated Bluetooth, so you can easily play along with your favorite music.

At the time of writing, the price of the Millenium MPS-850 is around 598 euros.

Millenium MPS-850
Millenium MPS-850

Millenium MPS-1000,

And now the Millenium MPS-1000,. You could see this kit as an upgrade to the MPS-850 which is also available in 3 different designs.

It is immediately noticeable acoustic appearance of this kit (Pearl White, Gray Line and Natural). Not only are the kits different in color, but the Pearl White and Natural have a slightly different setup.

The Millenium MPS-1000 also comes with one real hi-hat pedal and a real kick drum. This fits well with the realistic atmosphere that the drum kit already radiates thanks to its design.

The cymbals are a lot larger, namely 13″, 15″ (two pieces) and 18″. Unlike the MPS-850, the cymbals are complete Playable all around.

The tom pads are also larger in size, with a snare drum measuring no less than 13″.

The Millenium MPS-1000 module comes with 820 realistic sounds, 40 preset kits and 40 user kits.

You also have access to considerably more effects to create your ideal sound. Thanks to the sliders you can easily adjust the volume of the pads individually.

The kit is available at the time of writing around 999 euros.

What are the differences?

Apart from the design and size of the pads, the differences between the Millenium MPS-850 and MPS-1000 are not very large.

The module of the MPS-1000 is more extensive and contains more sounds. In addition, the sliders on the MPS-1000 are a good addition.

The MPS-850 also comes with an extra tom as standard, which gives you a little more playing freedom.

In the table below we list the biggest differences.

Mesh headsYesYes
Number of toms43
Number of cymbals44
Snare pad10″13″
Cymbals4x12″13″ 15″ 15″ 18″
Real hi-hat pedalYesYes
Real kick pedalYesYes


Both the Millenium MPS-850 or the Millenium MPS-1000, are suitable choices for novice and experienced drummers and offer good value for money. The best kit for you depends on your preferences.

Do you want an acoustic design because it fits well with your interior, or because you want to use the kit to perform live? Then the Millenium MPS-1000, the best choice.

Is your budget slightly lower and are you looking for a good all-round electronic drum kit that does not necessarily have to have an acoustic design? Then the Millenium MPS-850 a better choice.

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