Alesis Strike Pro Special Edition

 Professional electronic drum kit for advanced drummers

 Advanced Strike Performance Drum Module with color display and sliders

 Endless possibilities with 5 cymbals and 4 toms

 Very large sound library with 1800 sounds

 Suitable for performances, rehearsals or studio recordings

  • Sounds: 1800
  • Drum kits: 136


Alesis Strike Pro Special Edition

This flagship of Alesis, the Alesis Strike Pro Special Edition, is a revolutionary electronic drum kit for the professional drummer.

Versatile kit, sleek design

The Alesis Strike Pro Special Edition is an electronic kit that not only plays fantastic, the professional look on stage is also certainly not to be missed.

With a full-size 20" kick drum and a new cymbal design, the playing feel is identical to a full-fledged acoustic drum kit. When you sit behind the Alesis Strike Pro Special Edition, you hardly feel the difference between electronic and acoustic.

Realistic mesh heads

The Strike Pro Special Edition uses completely new, latest generation mesh heads. The response is faster, more natural and easier to play than ever before.

The kick of the Strike Pro Special Edition is solid and sturdy and feels like an acoustic bass drum.

5 new cymbal pads

The 14" hi-hat, 16" ride and no less than 3 crashes of 14" with hammered look are covered in new comfortable rubber that creates the perfect mix of feel, control, bounce and volume.

These updated cymbals are much quieter than traditional e-cymbals and are therefore perfect for late-night practice sessions where you want to produce less noise.

Extended Strike Pro Module

The Strike Pro Module is by far the most versatile and capable module Alesis has ever offered.

Much of the playability and character of this kit is due to its extensive sound library with over 136 custom kits consisting of over 1800 instruments and 45,000 samples.

Every function and operation is very easy to keep track of, thanks to the Strike Pro Module's 4.3-inch color LED screen, which displays all the player's settings and choices at a glance.

alesis strike pro special edition

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Alesis Strike Pro Special EditionAlesis Strike Pro Special Edition