Electronic Drum Kit: Best Buy 2024

electronic drum kit

Choosing the best electronic drum kit for can be quite a challenge, especially for beginners. There is a lot of choice and the prices of the different products vary considerably.

Yet there is a suitable electronic drum set for every playing level and budget. In this article we list the 5 best electronic drum kits to buy in 2024.

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Electronic Drum Kit Best Deals

The kits below have all recently appeared on the market and therefore have the latest techniques and hardware. Except the Roland TD-02KV all models are fully equipped mesh heads.

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Alesis Nitro Max Kit

  • alesis nitro max kit


  • Bluetooth
  • Brand new 10-inch Dual-Zone snare pad
  • Built-in holder for smartphones/tablets
  • Good value for money
  • Professional drum sounds from BFD


  • No drum throne included in the package
  • Rack may wobble slightly, especially near the snare
  • The sound of the kick pad is a bit loud

The Alesis Nitro Max Kit is the latest electronic drum kit from Alesis. Alesis is known for offering high-quality drum sets at a competitive price. A literally big advantage of the Alesis Nitro Max Kit is the 10″ snare. Where most electronic drums come with an 8″ snare, this kit from Alesis offers a larger and therefore much more realistic playing surface.

An additional advantage of this kit from Alesis is the availability of Bluetooth. A major annoyance for drummers with an electronic kit is the number of cables, but with the Alesis Nitro Max Kit you can play along with your music wirelessly.

This electronic drum kit, released in October 2023, is one of the newest models on the market. If you are looking for the best electronic drum kit, the Nitro Max Kit worth considering.

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Millenium MPS-750X PRO E-Drum Mesh Set


  • Acoustic design with wooden shells
  • Bluetooth
  • Includes hardware and kick pedal
  • Easy to expand with additional pads


  • Available in 1 color
  • Contains only 1 crash
  • Small screen on the drum module

The Millenium MPS-750X PRO, released in August 2023, is an upgrade of the Millennium MPS-750X, but the difference is mainly visual: The kit comes with wooden shells and is therefore virtually identical to an acoustic drum kit.

With an 18" kick, 13" snare and 10", 12" and 14" toms, the playing surfaces have a good playing size. In addition, the responsive mesh heads feel realistic while playing.

Millenium is an emerging brand in the market and for good reason: these high-quality kits are accessible, easy to use and suitable for every level.

For those looking for an affordable kit with a sleek look and Bluetooth, this is possibly the best electronic drum kit.

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Roland TD-02KV V-Drums Kit

  • roland td-02kv


  • Best brand on the market
  • Sturdy and stable material
  • Mesh head snare
  • Optional Bluetooth


  • Higher priced compared to other kits
  • Module with limited functions
  • It is not possible to create your own kits

The Roland TD-02KV provides everything you need to improve your drumming skills and have fun while playing.

Roland stands for high quality products. When you purchase an electronic drum kit from Roland, you can be sure of a few things: it is top quality, lasts a long time and will provide hours of playing fun.

The Roland TD-02KV has a mesh head snare drum, which provides a more realistic, quieter and more pleasant playing feeling. In addition, the kit is easy to expand with Bluetooth function through the Boss BT-Dual Bluetooth Adapter.

A disadvantage is that the kit only has 16 drum kits. This will be enough for you as a beginner, but for those who are developing further, this may not be the best electronic drum set.

Millenium MPS-1000 E-Drum Set


  • Bluetooth
  • Acoustic design
  • Hi-hat pedal and kick pedal included
  • Good value for money
  • Ability to import your own sounds


  • No drum throne included in the package
  • Expandable with only 1 additional trigger
  • Detection of hi-hat is not always good

Do you like the look of an acoustic drum kit? Then take a look at the Millenium MPS-1000, which is also available in 3 different colors. This high-end kit has a beautiful appearance but also has a very powerful drum module with 820 unique sounds.

The module has professional features, including Bluetooth, USB/MIDI, eight individual outputs, a color 3.2 inch LCD display and separate volume controls for all nine instrument channels.

The kit is also available in two other designs, in addition to the chic Gray Line finish. Plain White is a bright white that blends seamlessly into any environment with its timeless appearance. Natural is the perfect choice for drummers who prefer a natural wood tone for their drums that pairs well with acoustic instruments such as piano and acoustic guitar.

The Millenium MPS-1000, is without a doubt the best electronic drum kit on the list when it comes to the module and the appearance.

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Alesis Surge Mesh Special Edition


  • Suitable for every level
  • Includes kick pedal
  • Mesh heads on snare and toms
  • Cymbals with choke function


  • Drum throne and headphones not included
  • Contains only 2 cymbals (excl. hi-hat)

Last but not least: the Alesis Surge Mesh Special Edition. This kit offers everything aspiring drummers need to learn drums quickly: inspiring sounds, fun and engaging lessons, and a sturdy drum kit from a brand trusted by professionals worldwide.

The kit includes a 10" snare pad, 3x 8" tom pads and an 8" mesh kick drum pad that is built to last. The kick drum pad has a large surface that is comfortable to play with the included kick pedal, but can also easily fit a double pedal if you want.

The disadvantage is that the kit, unlike the Millennium 750X-Pro does not have a stand-alone hi-hat pedal. This makes the playing feel a little less realistic.


Anyone looking for the best electronic drum kit can quickly get lost in all the possibilities. In this article we have made an overview of the latest models that have a good price-quality ratio.

If you value an acoustic appearance, then the Millenium MPS-750X PRO and the Millenium MPS-1000, really something for you.

Do you have a lower budget but do you absolutely want quality? Then consider the Roland TD-02KV.

Do you want an all-round electronic drum set from a high-quality brand? Then check out the Alesis Nitro Max Kit or the Alesis Surge Mesh Special Edition.

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