Best Gift for a Drummer | 9 Tips

gift for a drummer

Are you looking for a gift for a drummer? There are numerous options available that can be both useful and fun. There are also plenty of nice accessories available at a lower price that will please a drummer. There is also a lot to enjoy for the youngest musicians, for example a drum set for children.

Gift tips

In this blog we discuss 10 tips as a suitable gift for a drummer. Depending on your budget, you can then make your own choice.

Drum sticks

Drum sticks are a must-have for every drummer. For €10 you can get a good set of drum sticks. It is important to know what type of drum sticks the drummer uses before you buy a pair. If you don't know, opt for a standard pair like the Vic Firth 5A American Classic Hickory.

Actually, drum sticks are always a good gift for a drummer. Would you like more information about the different types of sticks? Then read this article.


Drumming can be noisy, so earplugs are a welcome gift for drummers who want to protect their hearing. There are special earplugs designed for musicians that muffle the sound without reducing the quality of the music. The Alpine MusicSafe Pro is a great gift for a drummer, also because the plugs are barely visible in the ear.


A musician is nowhere without his metronome, making it a good gift for a drummer. The small box is a useful tool for drummers to maintain their timing. It can be used to practice different tempos and can also help develop a good sense of rhythm. Metronomes are affordable and easy to carry in your pocket, such as the Boss DB-30.

Drum heads

Drum heads wear out over time and need to be replaced regularly. A new drum head can therefore be a good gift for a drummer. Make sure you know what brand, type and size drum heads the drummer uses before you buy them. Don't you know this? Then go for the basic set Evans EC2S Studio/Fusion.

Gift voucher

A gift voucher is the perfect gift for the musician. If you're not sure what gift to choose, a music store gift card is always a good option. This allows the drummer to choose what he or she needs or likes. Gift vouchers are included Thomann can be ordered with an amount of your own choosing.

Drum throne

A comfortable and sturdy drum stool makes drumming considerably more comfortable and thus increases performance. It is important to choose a stool that is adjustable and that suits the height of the drummer. Drum stools come in all shapes and sizes. The Millenium DT-900 Drum Throne is an affordable and very comfortable drum stool of good quality.

Drum books

There are many books available that are specifically aimed at drummers and offer tips and techniques to improve their skills. A good drum book is one of the gifts for drummers for expanding technique. The must-have (also called “the drummer's bible”) is Stick Control by By George Lawrence Stone.

Drum Hardware

Drum hardware such as pedals, stands and hi-hat clutches are essential for setting up a drum kit. An electronic drum kit often comes with a lower quality standard drum pedal. A drum pedal like the Tama Iron Cobra HP600D will immediately raise the level of the drummer and is therefore a perfect gift for a drummer.

Storage options

Drummers often have many small parts and accessories that need to be stored. A storage box or bag can be a useful gift to keep the drummer's belongings organized. For example, a nice gift for a drummer is the Tama Powerpad Stick Bag, which offers space for 12 sticks and mallets.


There are various presents that are suitable as a gift for a drummer. Everything depends on your budget and what you really want to please the other person with. Drum sticks are actually always good, so you can never go wrong with them. In addition, a gift voucher is also a safe option because the recipient can make his own choice.

If you can't figure it out, you can always check the website yourself Thomann to look at.

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