Drum Sticks for Electronic Drums: Ultimate Tips

Choosing drum sticks for electronic drums might nog be easy. However, you don't have to worry much and you will see that, especially as a beginner, you will experience few major differences between the different types of drum sticks.

You may indeed have a specific preference for a certain type of stick, for example in terms of length, width or weight.

What kind?

You might want to take a look at this video to get some help finding the right drum stick. In this blog we've listed some quality electronic drum sticks to help you choose. Brushes cannot be used on an electronic drum set.

First some basic information: the weight and diameter are indicated by a number followed by a letter, such as 5A, 2B, 7A, etc. Lighter poles have a higher number. A B drum stick is thicker than an A. The question is: which drum sticks suit you best?

drum sticks for electronic drums

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Vic Firth 5A American Classic Hickory

The 50 gram Vic Firth 5A American Classic Hickory drum sticks are made from hickory and are designed for rock, bands, and practice sessions. The wooden tip provides a solid feel, while the American classic design makes them perfect for performances on any surface.

Vic Firth is the leader in drumsticks and for good reason. They are perfect all-round drum sticks that are suitable for any type of drums. They can therefore be used for acoustic and electronic drumming, live, but also during your (online) drum lesson.

You will actually never go wrong with these sticks, which is why they are also a good gift for a drummer.

Millenium 5A Maple Drumsticks Wood

Are you looking for a pair of budget-friendly drum sticks that are made of wood? The Millenium 5A Maple Drumsticks are a good option. These drum sticks are made of maple wood and have a wooden tip that is perfect for beginners.

The sticks weigh 45 grams, making them easy to hold and play with. These drum sticks for electronic drums are perfect as an entry-level model.

Vic Firth 7A American Classic Hickory

The 7A American Classic Hickory drum sticks from Vic Firth are mainly suitable for playing jazz, brass band, or a light musical setting. The drum sticks 7A have a length of 394 mm and a weight of 42.0 g. This 7A drum stick is narrower than a 7B stick.

Vic Firth 5AN American Classic Hickory

Vic Firth's American Classic series is one of the most popular drum sticks in today's world. Made from hickory wood, these sticks are strong and durable while remaining flexible enough to perform well.

The nylon tip and teardrop design make them ideal for rock, bands, and practice sessions. The nylon tip (the tip of the drum stick) will give your cymbals a clear sound. However, this will make no difference when used with an electronic drum kit.

Vic Firth VFX5A Extreme 5A

The Vic Firth VFX5A Extreme 5A, the most powerful and longest-reaching wooden drum stick on the market, has its name for good reason. These long drum sticks are the perfect choice for players who want more power and reach than a regular 5A stick can offer.

The VFX5A sticks are made of the highest quality wood and have the same diameter as the 5A, but the sticks are slightly longer (1.27cm) so your strokes will be even more powerful.

Vater 5B Stick Pack

Do you want to be immediately provided with stock? Then consider a set with 4 pairs of sticks so that you have a supply if your sticks break or lose. This way you always have sticks at home that you can use during training or to learn to play drums.

Vater is a slightly less well-known brand than Vic Firth but produces very good drum sticks. The sticks are made of hickory wood, have a length of 406 mm and a weight of 59.0 g.

Ultimately, the choice of the right stick depends on your own preference and playing style. By trying a number of different sticks you will soon discover which type suits you best.

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