Efnote: New Generation Electronic Drums?


Electronic drums with an acoustic appearance are becoming increasingly popular. Not surprising, because on stage but also at home, looks do matter! Efnote has clearly thought about this when designing their high-end electronic kits.

Efnote is a Japanese company founded in 2018 by former employees of Roland, a well-known manufacturer of electronic musical instruments. The company has since made a name for itself with their innovative approach to electronic drums.

But do Efnote's drums just look nice, or do they also offer quality?

In this blog we discuss the 6 models of electronic drum kits offered by Efnote.


Efnote's electronic drum kits can be clearly divided into three models: Efnote 3, Efnote 5 and Efnote 7. An X variant of all models is still available in the color Black Oak-ish. The X variant always contains an extra floor tom, the 5X includes an extra 16″ crash cymbal and the 7X even an extra 8" splash and 17" crash cymbal.

The Efnote 3 and 3X look quite similar in design to an electronic drum kit, with the look of the 5(X) and 7(X) being identical to an acoustic kit. The bass drum and toms of the 7(X) are larger than the 5(X), making them the same size as acoustic toms. You will find a detailed explanation on Efnote's product comparator.

Efnote 3 and Efnote 3X

The Efnote 3 is the perfect entry-level model and features a bass drum, snare, 3 toms, hi-hat and 3 cymbals. The Efnote 3X cymbals are all 2″ larger. That doesn't seem like much, but it provides a considerably more realistic playing feeling. In addition, the Efnote 3X comes with a larger bass drum and extra floor tom.

The Efnote 3 and 3X have 16 preset kits and 34 user kits.

Efnote 5 and Efnote 5X

The Efnote 5 and 5X go a step further with their sleek acoustic design and the use of cymbal stands instead of a rack. In addition, both kits come with an 8″ splash cymbal, which is not often seen with other electronic drum kits.

With a usable surface of 90 x 140 cm, the Efnote 5 is the most compact kit of all models and therefore ideal for saving space. The 16″ bass drum may feel a bit small, but for those who often have to take their kit with them, this will be an advantage.

The 5 and 5X come standard with 17 preset kits and 83 user kits.

Efnote 7 and Efnote 7X

The most realistic version of the series is the Efnote 7 and 7X. The toms and cymbals are of realistic size and are therefore almost indistinguishable from an acoustic kit. The 7X includes an additional 13" floor tom, 8" splash cymbal and a 17" FX cymbal. The kit comes with 2 snare stands, 3 boom cymbal stands and 1 cymbal arm for the splash cymbal.

Both kits are suitable for drummers who want to get the most out of their career and are not satisfied with a standard electronic drum kit from Roland, Yamaha or Millenium. With the right drum monitor the kit is ideal for performances or rehearsals.

Both the 7 and 7X have 20 preset kits and 80 user kits.

Efnote Mini

Efnote's latest kit was launched at the beginning of 2024: the Efnote Mini. This space saving kit is ideal for young drummers, but can also be played by adults.

The kit comes with 12″ hi-hat, 8″ splash/crash and 16″ ride. There is also room for expansion by adding a 14" crash or 18" ride and an extra tom.

  • efnote mini
  • efnote mini

💡 You can read more about the Efnote Mini in this in-depth review.

Philosophy of Efnote

Efnote believes in beauty, quality and originality. They believe that today's electronic musical instruments are losing their original values because they are mainly designed to be practical and price-saving.

Efnote aims to create more valuable musical instruments where the essence of the instrument is preserved as much as possible. And she succeeded quite well. Unlike other electronic drums on the market, Efnote is the closest thing to a full-fledged musical instrument.


Efnote offers a number of technologies that make them very progressive compared to well-known electronic drum brands such as Roland, Yamaha, Millenium and Alesis.

Innovative Hi-hat Technology

The brand has achieved a global first with the introduction of the first multi-optical sensing technology to capture hi-hat movements in 3D . This technology uses the Tru-Motion™ technology, which records every movement in minute detail.

The innovative 360° Free-Swinging Top/Bottom Cymbal Design allows the drummer to create an unlimited number of combinations of open, closed and semi-open sounds by simply adjusting the pedal position. By combining these technologies, Efnote delivers an unparalleled hi-hat experience never before achieved.

Realistic Snare Sound

Efnote electronic drums are designed with a focus on producing a realistic and expressive drumming experience. An important part of this is the snare drum, which is equipped with multiple sensors and produces high-resolution sound.

The 14″ snare drum has no fewer than 9 sensors, while all toms are equipped with 6 sensors and the kicks with 2 sensors. This ensures that every beat is captured accurately and the drum kit's sound is lively and dynamic.

Lifelike Samples

The sound module is equipped with a wide choice of high-quality, realistic sounds, including 99% acoustic drum sounds are. Efnote used full stereo acoustic drum and cymbal samples, which were recorded by the company itself.

The use of these samples creates a natural sound and dynamic that is identical to acoustic drums. Furthermore, Efnote does not use resynthesis techniques, which preserves the raw, unprocessed sound of the drums.

High-End Drum Module

The drum module of Efnote electronic drums is designed with a focus on both functionality and appearance. The module, which resembles a modern e-reader, contains all the essential functions a drummer needs, including numerous sounds, effects and settings.

With the smart touchscreen it is easy to operate and provides quick access to all functions. In addition, the drum module contributes to improving the overall appearance of the drum set, because it integrates nicely into the design of the whole.

Sleek design

Efnote have really taken the time to ensure that their drums not only deliver great performance, but also look great on stage. All kits have a beautiful White-Sparkle or Black-Oak finish on all shells, which provides classic and refined appearance.

The cymbals are engraved with a stylish warm-gray finish that adds to the beautiful design. The sound modules are not only super strong, but also look very cool with their refined aluminum finish.


Efnote offers several benefits for drummers, including a timeless but stylish design that never goes out of fashion. Furthermore, the drum sets are constantly improved with firmware updates, ensuring they are always up to date with the latest technology and features.

Another major benefit is Efnote's global support network, meaning drummers around the world have access to premium support and service. This provides peace of mind and ensures that any issues can be resolved quickly, wherever you are.


Efnote's electronic drum kits have been put together with great care. Whether you choose the Efnote Mini or the Efnote 7X, you can be sure that you are getting an electronic drum kit of excellent quality and appearance. They are high-end instruments designed with craftsmanship for serious musicians.

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