Does an Electronic Drum Kit Cause Noise Pollution? | 4 Tips

The main reason to buy an electronic drum set is to limit noise pollution. An acoustic drum kit easily produces a sound level of >100 decibels, which can easily be heard throughout the neighborhood. Not everyone likes that.

An important factor that causes an electronic drum set to produce noise pollution is the noise of the bass drum. But the hi-hat or toms can also produce sound.

Pretty much of the noise can me muted with the Roland NE-10 Noise Eater or a drum carpet. In this blog we explain the products in more detail, but we also provide other tips.

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How Much Sound Does an Electronic Drum Kit Produce?

An electronic drum set is made for silent practice, and an electronic drum set is much quieter than an acoustic one. Electronic kits are becoming more and more advanced and therefore also quieter.

But unfortunately you can never completely avoid the fact that an electronic drum set produces noise pollution.

In the video below you can listen to what electronic drums sound like without headphones:

As you can hear for yourself, the sound produced is not very loud, but the main reason that an electronic drum kit produces noise pollution is the bass drum.

If you live in an apartment, it will certainly be something that your neighbors (underneath) will hear or perhaps be bothered by.

How to Prevent Noise Pollution?

There are a number of ways to combat the noise pollution of an electronic drum set. A number of easy solutions are listed for you.

Invest in equipment

A solution that is immediately and easily applicable is to purchase accessories. Through Thomann you can take a look at the different products, but here we highlight the most important ones.

Drum carpet

A drum carpet gives the room a nicer appearance, but at the same time it will reduce noise pollution with an electronic drum set.

This sturdy drum carpet from Roland has a calm appearance and will reduce the loudest sound. In addition, the rug is anti slip so your drum kit and hardware can't slide around while playing.

On the website of Thomann you will also find rugs with a color or in, for example, Persian style.

Roland NE-10 Noise Eater

This Noise Eater from Roland actually says it all: it “eats” the sound of the pounding bass drum, reducing noise pollution by no less than 75% of the noise. You place your bass drum pedal on the platform, which has a sound-dampening surface at the bottom.

Optionally you can also use your hi-hat pedal on the Noise Eater, but the bass drum will give the most effect.

For drummers in an apartment, the Noise Eater will be a valuable addition to your kit, so that your downstairs neighbors don't have to be bothered by your electronic drum kit and you can practice undisturbed.

Mesh Heads

Playing on mesh heads will significantly reduce the noise level of your electronic drum kit. Mesh heads are mesh heads that ensure that playing not only feels more realistic, but is also quieter for the environment.

Most (more expensive) electronic drum kits come with mesh heads, but there are also affordable and good quality kits with mesh heads, such as the Alesis Nitro Max Kit or the Roland TD-02KV.

Build An Elevation

For those who want to get started themselves, you can do so using this English language tutorial make your own raise. Placing your electronic drum kit on this elevation will reduce the worst vibrations.

Practice With A Practice Pad

Do you want to produce no sound at all? Then consider a practice pad. This pad is the size of a dinner plate and you can take it anywhere. The rubber covering gives a realistic playing feeling, as if you were hitting a snare.

In terms of dynamics, a practice pad cannot be compared to an electronic drum set, but it is a suitable way to train your coordination.

Make Appointments

Communication is key: be clear to your neighbors! Tell them that your electronic drum kit can produce noise pollution, so that they can take this into account. When people are aware of something you often see that they don't mind it.

If necessary, agree on when you will/not play, for example not in the evenings after 7:00 PM.


It is annoying when an electronic drum set causes noise pollution, but fortunately there are a number of solutions.

Making agreements is important for both parties, but purchasing the above-mentioned products can significantly reduce the noise level.

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